Retail Chains

Managing stores across geographies with high operational and sales efficiency is a challenging task. Ensuring a consistent quality of sales and service experience across the chain makes the task even more challenging. Aislelabs allows you to get visibility across all your locations and set benchmark metrics. You can combine all data points, from footfall traffic to internal systems, in a single dashboard and execute data-driven marketing campaigns with ease.

  • View activity across all stores in real-time
  • Test new store concepts with A/B testing
  • Supercharge your in-store marketing with email and mobile interactions
  • Report by region, store type, and demographics
  • Design new store layouts and service models that work
  • Create and push marketing from an easy-to-use dashboard

What you get

Real-time Dashboard Easy to use web based central command post.

Intelligent Cloud Advanced algorithms to identify and target high value visitors.

Omni-channel Engagement Personalized marketing across different consumer touch points.