Events and Public Spaces

Event venues and public spaces provide their occupants an opportunity to become part of a community - be it for business, sports, music, or recreation. Experience offered by the space is central to everything it provides. Aislelabs helps you understand detailed traffic patterns both inside and outside the venue, walking paths, most frequented spaces, and details on time spent. Our technology lets you not only design the venue to better serve but also to engage with the occupants on a personal level.

  • Get real-time reports on footfall traffic
  • Correlate with outside weather and other information
  • Optimize walking paths within the venue
  • Promote different events taking place
  • Increase repeat visitors by personalized engagement
  • Compare visitors to event and other locations of your business

What you get

Real-time Dashboard Easy to use web based central command post.

Intelligent Cloud Advanced algorithms to identify and target high value visitors.

Omni-channel Engagement Personalized marketing across different consumer touch points.