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A Truly Unified Marketing Platform for a National Shopping Centre Group

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FREE success story :

A Truly Unified Marketing Platform for a National Shopping Centre Group

A shopping centre group managing ten premiere centres, located primarily in urban areas across the country, had been using website sign-ups to capture email addresses. However, their database had little demographic information and no behavioural data on their customers. Customer data could only be collected using lengthy questionnaires with typically low response rates. Compounding the issue, some of these customers signed up online at multiple shopping centres with their own lists, fragmenting single users into multiple silos and creating duplicate user accounts.

Aislelabs made it possible to collect and unify the fragmented data into a single unified CRM platform. More than that, it also provided a way to collect new customer demographic, interests, and behavioural information. This information cross-reference with the original email captures providing missing shopper data from the old list.

This success story illustrates how the Aislelabs platform consolidated their current databases, grew their lists, captured deep customer information, and analyzed the results of each marketing campaign for key insights.

What You’ll Get from This Success Story

  • Why they were unable to collect or unify detailed information from the original 200,000 email addresses gathered in 10 years.
  • How Aislelabs was able to consolidate the siloed data and build upon it.
  • How the shopping centre increased their email subscription to 5.2 million in just 1 year.
  • The myriad of ways Aislelabs can engage with audiences through advanced marketing.