Aislelabs Featured in Aruba’s Tech Partner Podcast

Aislelabs was recently featured in the Aruba Tech Partner podcast! Carly Hunt, Technology Partner Manager at Aruba, and Nishanth Bharadwaj of Aislelabs (yours truly) discussed our combined value propositions on the podcast. We spoke about the pain points of brick-and-mortar enterprises that Aislelabs solves for, how our long-time partnership has evolved, and how we enable our partners and resellers. 

Aislelabs and Aruba have had a long and fruitful relationship for over 7 years, with joint solutions deployed over 15,000+ Access Points (AP) across 4 continents. We offer a range of products that transforms Aruba APs into sophisticated sensors generating insight, namely:  location intelligence, marketing automation and a Customer Data Platform.

These products help brick-and-mortar businesses visualize the entire customer journey – both offline customer behaviour and online customer interactions, helping answer questions such as: 

  •       What are the trends affecting footfall?
  •       How many new and returning customers are visiting?
  •       How many customers visited other locations in a portfolio?
  •       What areas in a location see the most amount of footfall and dwell time?
  •       Did marketing campaigns and promotions affect footfall? 

Aislelabs and Aruba have also launched a joint Partner Solution Overview that details our unique value proposition.

The Aislelabs Product Suite

Aislelabs location analytics - design to visualize customer behaviour in physical spacesLocation analytics and heatmaps

Optimize physical spaces with deep learning intelligence of visitor flow. Analyze millions of data points collected through WiFi to understand visit patterns, dwell times, walking paths, and loyalty index.

Multi-sensor: WiFi + cameras + counters

Get meticulous and comprehensive intelligence using all available sensors in a single, advanced dashboard. Understand every aspect of the visitor journey by deploying cutting-edge AI and unify data from WiFi, cameras, and people-counters.

To complete the offline to online customer journey, our marketing automation and customer data platform seamlessly integrates with Aruba AP’s to provide businesses user acquisition and marketing. The platforms are channel agnostic and helps both brick-and-mortar, online-only, and omnichannel businesses with tools that build the entire customer journey and engage with them.

Aislelabs Customer Hub - designed for unifying online and offline customer behaviourSupercharge your CDP with WiFi

Leverage social WiFi as a first-party data source and grow your lists ten-fold. Easily convert casual in-store visitors to engaged subscribers with intuitive marketing opt-ins.

Get complete 360 customer views

Collect data from any number of touchpoints and consolidate them in a unified central CDP. Understand every customer interaction whether an action was made online or offline.

Run engaging marketing campaigns

Market to your audience with advanced, data-driven campaign features. Fine-tune campaigns with deep learning to deliver hyper-targeted messages and obtain measurable ROI and walk-through rate results.

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