Aislelabs is the World’s First WiFi Marketing and Location Analytics Vendor to be ISO 27001 Certified

We at Aislelabs are proud to announce we have received ISO 27001 certification, becoming the world’s first and only WiFi marketing and location analytics company to be certified.

We have always exceeded the industry standards to safeguard information and this new certification formally recognizes our efforts after a third party audit. Already leveraging ISO 27001 certified data centres, with this new certification of the Aislelabs organization, our clients can be further assured the data they entrust to us is now more safe and secure than ever.

Implemented and accepted worldwide, the coveted ISO/IEC 27001 is the gold standard certificate in IT security. It confirms that any organization awarded with it meets the rigorous criteria in three key areas:

  • Confidentiality: The confidentiality of the data collected by the company or organization is always protected.
  • Integrity: The data collected will not be modified or distorted to misrepresent the information contained within.
  • Availability: The company or organization has taken steps to minimize, eliminate, or has contingencies to deal with downtime.

The recommendation for ISO 27001 came from SAI Global Assurance who have reviewed Aislelabs’ IT security program, confirming it met the standard’s requirements for establishing, implementing, and maintaining an information security management system (ISMS). As a trusted third party auditor, they scrutinized every aspect of our security safeguards across 114 controls in 14 groups and 35 control categories of business practices. These ranged from information security to cryptography with not a single non-conformity found.

Aislelabs is the only provider of WiFi marketing and location analytics to be ISO 27001 certified, further demonstrating our leadership in the space as we forge ahead.

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