April 2022 Product Updates

Spring is here and at Aislelabs this means a great and productive time! We have been hard at work this season, enhancing capabilities and building out new features into the platform to better serve our customers. Here are the updates from this past month.


Enhanced the Portal page-view Analytics report 

We have added an option to filter by site within the Portal page-view analytics menu, to allow you to view splash page analytics for a single or any combination of  sites. We have also enhanced the results to display the site associated with each metric providing more context on the analytics.  

Custom Single-Sign-On options for Splash Pages 

By adding the “Custom SSO” option within the Portal Editor, we now give you additional ways to enable users to authenticate on your splash page. With Aislelabs as your Splash page provider you can encourage user authentication through unified single-sign-on.

Archiving ability added to the Portal Editor

You can now archive pages that are no longer active or required in the Portal editor. Once archived, these pages will be hidden to provide a clutter free view of active pages to select from. The archive feature takes into account that currently in-use and published pages should not be archived, hence preventing any manual errors. All archived pages can be retrieved and restored at any time to put them into action again.

New Success Story: Combining Camera and WiFi Data for 360° Visitor Analytics for a Real-Estate Operator 

We just published a fresh new Success Story from our client in the Real-Estate space. Read on to know more!

A European property development and investment company operating 10+ shopping centres leveraged Aislelabs Insights to combine their camera and WiFi data to facilitate reporting. Thus, they were able to get a 360° view of visitor behaviour. Aislelabs ingested data from 500+ Meraki WiFi devices and 100+ cameras to provide a consolidated view enabling business teams to draw insights for decisions. You can download the detailed success story here.


Other Enhancements 

  • Improved Flow Report by providing more context on heatmaps
  • User friendly workflow for users added through SSO-based invitations
  • Performance improvements in “Your Campaigns” page

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed ADFS button attribute display issue in Portal Editor 
  • Fixed Engaged Dwell Time metrics inconsistency when selecting multiple sites
  • Fixed Social Sign-in with Google 

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