Development of Retail Technologies in 2014

Year 2014 is going to be the year which will experience the convergence of technologies for the online and the physical world. At Aislelabs we are excited to make this a reality.

IBM reports that, innovations for physical retail stores will make local buying the preferred choice. Retailers will use the immediacy of the store and proximity to customers to create experiences that online-only retail can not replicate. The innovations will bring the power of the Web right to where the shopper can touch it. According to Forbes, the physical and digital worlds are converging. As a result, consumers expect uniform service, whether they are in the physical world or whether they are in the digital world. As SAP reports, consumers are demanding the same retail experience across channels, whether in-store, online or mobile. The good news is that technology now exists to provide personalized customer service that starts with the mobile device, and continues throughout the shopping experience.

In 2014, we expect to see the following innovations in retail:

  •  Local buying will see a growth fueled by new technologies. Mobile will play a central role in enhancing the browsing and buying process in-store.
  • Convergence of online and offline shopping experiences. This will go beyond just web-influenced sales in brick-n-mortar locations and show-rooming to create truly seamless buying experiences.
  • Big data and analytics will drive more of decision making. Use of insights uncovered from big data inside the retail environments will streamline both marketing and operations.

The key to the success of this effort is a precise understanding of customer activity online and offline and enabling new ways to engage with the consumer. Aislelabs is actively innovating, and creating new sensors and technologies to enhance shopping experiences, streamline operations, and enable data-driven marketing.

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