Aislelabs Named as a Privacy by Design Ambassador

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario recognizes Aislelabs as a Privacy by Design Ambassador for its strong commitment to privacy.

Aislelabs Inc. has been designated as a Privacy by Design Ambassador for its strong commitment to ensuring consumer privacy in its development of mobile location analytics technologies.

At Aislelabs, protecting the privacy of consumers is of utmost importance. With Privacy by Design as the guiding principal, Aislelabs’ approach is to be proactive in embedding privacy protection deep within the technology in a fully transparent and user-centric manner. Privacy is the default setting across all Aislelabs products, where-in, no personal information is collected without the consumer’s expressed consent.

The Privacy by Design (PbD) framework was developed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, as a set of seven fundamental principals for ensuring privacy and gaining personal control over one’s information. Organizational PbD Ambassadors are businesses and public sector organizations that have embedded these principles into their day-to-day operations. As a Privacy by Design ambassador, Aislelabs joins an international network of innovative individuals and organizations that prioritize privacy in the development of new technology. Aislelabs’ co-founder and CEO, Dr. Nick Koudas, said, “We are incredibly honored with this recognition as protecting privacy has always been an integral component of our mission to enable a better in-store experience for consumers.”

Aislelabs provides an intelligent cloud platform for real-time in-store marketing. Company’s product suite is enabling new ways for retailers to better understand their consumers and engage with personalized experiences based on consumer needs. “Aislelabs’ advanced technology will set the stage for the next generation of retail experiences in a safe and secure fashion,” said Dr. Nilesh Bansal, co-founder and CTO at Aislelabs.

Aislelabs is a key member of the Future of Privacy forum, and follows the Mobile Location Analytics (MLA) code of conduct to ensure consumer privacy in a fully transparent manner. To learn more about privacy initiatives at Aislelabs, visit

More information on the PbD framework can be found on

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