Aislelabs Raises Venture Capital to Provide Intelligent Cloud for In-Store Marketing

Aislelabs has raised investment to bring sophisticated personalized marketing automation technologies to brick n’ mortar retailers.

Aislelabs Inc. is announcing venture investment led by MaRS IAF, Rho Ventures and along with a number of strategic angels. The investment will be used to accelerate sales and marketing efforts for the company’s product suite – Aislelabs Flow and Aislelabs Engage.


As e-commerce has evolved, brick n’ mortar retailers have been left behind. Aislelabs aims to provide the same level of sophistication to offline retailers, as their online counterparts have, to understand and target the shopper. Aislelabs’ technology assists retailers to increase sales through the power of big data analytics. Aislelabs helps its clients understand customer traffic patterns and behavior inside and outside their physical stores in ways never before possible. This deeper understanding empowers our suite of products to deliver highly personalized marketing tailored to individual in-store customers. Aislelabs’ technology transforms retail locations to smart stores, resulting in effective marketing, increased sales, and better customer satisfaction.

We are very excited to have great partners such as IAF, Rho Ventures and on-board, who can provide us more than just capital as we grow.

The key component of the platform is an intelligent cloud infrastructure which gathers data points from WiFi based analytics, POS systems, weather, staff schedules, email marketing, and internal CRM systems. All data collected is processed in real-time to automatically identify high value shoppers and deliver personalized marketing. In-store marketing is delivered across all customer touch-points, including real-time emails and push mobile notifications. Any app can integrate with the Aislelabs’ cloud in minutes to enable personalized marketing. Aislelabs is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Nilesh Bansal and Nick Koudas. Company’s technology is already in use by several national retailers, and has processed over 6 billion data points in February to understand in-store behavior across millions of visitor sessions. Company CEO, Koudas said, “We are thrilled to announce the new funding, as it will allow the company to further invest in the technology along with acceleration of sales and marketing efforts.” Bansal, Aislelabs CTO, added, “We are very excited to have great partners such as IAF, Rho Ventures and on-board, who can provide us more than just capital as we grow.” More information about the investors can be found at

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