Aislelabs Launches the First Marketing Automation Platform for Physical Retail Locations

Aislelabs releases today the first marketing automation platform for physical retail locations. Aislelabs Engage, the cloud based offering, provides unmatched capabilities to marketers enabling them to segment and target customers based on behavior inside retail locations. Engage also delivers deep analytics quantifying the effect of in-store marketing campaigns in real time.


Aislelabs Engage, the cloud based offering, provides unmatched capabilities to marketers enabling them to segment and target customers based on behavior inside retail locations.

Digital retail marketers to date rely on marketing automation software and email marketing platforms to segment and target online customers based on their behavior across web properties. Until today they lacked the way to target shoppers based on their visits to physical retail stores and to connect the shopping patterns and

shopping behavior on e-commerce sites with that inside the stores. Aislelabs Engage is the first platform enabling this connection, realizing effective precision marketing to offline shoppers.

Aislelabs Engage offers a cross platform mobile SDK that integrates effortlessly with any app owned by the retailer or a third party. The SDK utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon), WiFi and GPS based technology to

pinpoint the mobile device to a precise indoor location. This enables marketers to engage in location sensitive marketing driven using real-time personalized push notifications. The Aislelabs platform also includes an enterprise grade iBeacon deployment and management platform.

Aislelabs Engage is powered by an intelligent cloud infrastructure, and lets marketers segment their audience based on in-store behavioral information. Campaigns can be created and managed using an online dashboard.

Easy to use templates are provided for creating rich-media content across mobile platforms. Campaign performance metrics and analytics are available in customizable report formats. Advanced algorithms analyze millions of data points to tailor and customize the campaign to each shopper.

Aislelabs Engage provides APIs to extend existing marketing cloud solutions, including those from Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Marketo, and many other vendors, to physical stores. Aislelabs seamlessly connects the online and offline marketing efforts, providing a true omni-channel engagement platform. Integrations are also available with email marketing and popular CRM software providing a unified shopper profile. “Aislelabs Engage already connects to most online marketing cloud platforms and we are aiming to serve all major providers by the end of the next quarter capturing the bulk of the market” said Nilesh Bansal, Aislelabs’ co-founder and CTO.

Digital marketers use marketing automation software to create automated multi-step online campaigns. Aislelabs Engage brings these same concepts to the offline world. Instead of simply broadcasting the same messages to everyone, Engage let’s marketers personalize their messages to each individual. “With Engage, we are extending our product suite, complementing our in-store traffic analytics solution, Aislelabs Flow, with the first of its kind in-store marketing automation platform. The Aislelabs family of products is uniquely positioned to offer a full cycle marketing platform for retail” said Nick Koudas, Aislelabs’ co-founder and CEO.

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