Advertising: Online and Offline now Together

Today, we are announcing partnership with SiteScout, a self-serve platform for programmatic ad buying, to empowers retailers to reach in-store shoppers through online advertising.  The Aislelabs Engage platform will enable the retailers with mobile apps to retarget in-store visitors in real-time on desktop, mobile, video and social media channels via the SiteScout platform.

Online display advertising efforts from retailers are typically disconnected from in-store customer visits. Traditionally marketers targeted shoppers in digital channels solely based on their online behavior. Now, a retailer can better understand in-store customer behavior and retarget the same person on the web, on their smartphone or tablet, and on social channels such as Facebook. Ads can be customized to fit the specific needs of customers, and then delivered in real time. For example, a potential customer perusing shoes in a department store can be sent an ad for a shoe promotion or a recommendation for suitable accessories.


“Aislelabs helps SiteScout leverage the power of its RTB platform, using mobile devices to tie offline behavior with online advertising in order to drive purchases,” said Matt Sauls, Vice President of Operations at SiteScout.

“At Aislelabs, our vision has always been to connect online and offline customer behavior. Through this new offering with SiteScout, we are one step closer to making this vision a reality. The concept of retargeting in-store visitors, once they are online, fills a gap in the market and we are very excited to explore it further with SiteScout. By doing this, we are moving towards a more holistic understanding of customer behavior, enabling retailers to finally close the loop and deliver more effective advertising,” said Nick Koudas, Aislelabs co-founder and CEO.

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