Announcing the Mobile Clienteling Solution

Today we are announcing the first location-based clienteling solution. As brick and mortar retailers strive to offer a personalized client service in an increasingly mobile world, clienteling solution by Aislelabs enables them to provide one-on-one experiences.
Clienteling solution enables store associates to obtain real-time visibility on clients visiting the store. A mobile-friendly user interface displays detailed profile of each client, along with their precise indoor location inside the store and additional CRM and purchase history. Store staff can immediately personalize the service based on presented information.


Our solution offers mobile SDKs which utilize GPS, WiFi, and iBeacon-based location technology. A 360 degree video of every customer is enabled by integration with CRM systems and marketing clouds to enrich visitor information. An intuitive user interface with intelligent lead scoring empowers customer service and sales staff with customers’ shopping preferences, past visit details, social profile, purchase history, and other relevant information. Store staff can use this information to serve customers efficiently. For example, the staff can pre-select products based on customer preferences, provide them support by looking up past purchases, or engage in a relationship-building conversation by reading their social posts online.

Several industry verticals, including banking, hospitality, car rentals, and high-end retail can immediately benefit from a location-based clienteling solution. Aislelabs clienteling product will be able to serve businesses in these industries to differentiate their customer service by adding a personal touch.

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