Aislelabs Partners with Motorola Solutions to Provide Integrated Location Analytics and Marketing Platform

Aislelabs, the SaaS based provider of in-store marketing and analytics technology, is announcing a collaboration with Motorola Solutions’ MPact platform for mobile marketing. The partnership will create an integrated offering, utilizing WiFi and Bluetooth technologies to enable smart stores of the future. The collaboration will create the first end-to-end unified platform, spanning both Wi-Fi and iBeacon technologies. Several industries, including brick-n-mortar retail, hospitality, financial services, airports, stadiums, and event venues, will benefit from the combined solution.


The Motorola MPact platform provides three tiers of locationing for customer engagement – presence, zone, and position. This is achieved by combining Motorola Solutions’ scalable Wi-Fi portfolio powered by the WiNG 5 network and micro-locationing enabled by Bluetooth SMART technology beacons. With a unified platform that delivers both Wi-Fi locationing and Bluetooth based micro-locationing to engage shoppers at the right time and the right place, MPact delivers a cost effective solution to retailers. Aislelabs’ product suite, consisting of Aislelabs Flow and Aislelabs Engage, is perfectly positioned to utilize the MPact platform to enable a turnkey marketing automation platform for offline retailers.

Aislelabs Flow is a SaaS based in-store WiFi analytics solution providing actionable insights on visits to any physical venue. A web based user interface delivers real-time reports on footfall, heat-maps, dwell times, most frequented spaces, top walking paths, cross-shopper patterns, multi-store comparisons, and marketing campaign success metrics. Aislelabs technology delivers the most granular indoor traffic analytics solution and it’s fully customizable to any space. Aislelabs Flow works seamlessly with Motorola Solutions’ Wi-Fi infrastructure and allows retailers to gain insights never before possible by integrating in several data sources such as weather, sales transactions, CRM data, and planograms.

Levels of Locationing

Aislelabs Engage provides a cloud based mobile marketing automation platform for personalizing messages based on millions of data points about individual shopper profiles, precise micro-location, and store traffic flow. Mobile campaigns, enabling precision marketing and superior customer services, can be easily created utilizing an intuitive web based control panel. Motorola Solutions MPact platform, with Bluetooth Smart beacons, is a perfect complement to the Aislelabs Engage cloud offering.

The combined platform is ready for deployment across several leading retailers in North America. Dr. Nick Koudas, CEO of Aislelabs, said “We are very excited to be working with Motorola Solutions and to leverage their platform. Our customers will now be able to access a single platform, with both WiFi based analytics and beacon based personalized mobile marketing, to succeed in today’s competitive environment”.

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