The Hitchicker’s Guide to iBeacon Hardware

iBeacon refers to tiny battery powered devices which emit Bluetooth LE signals. The iBeacons, or just beacons, transmit a unique signal multiple times every second which can be received by phones within a few meter radius. Phones can accurately position themselves by receiving signals from all nearby beacons. Unlike GPS, beacons can be used for accurate positioning indoors, including for – indoor navigation, location based marketing, location based customer service, clienteling, and personalized assistance.


Beacons have been gaining popularity recently. Numerous beacons exist in the market. We recently conducted a comprehensive study of all major beacon hardware manufacturers – comparing 16 different vendors. In our study, we stress tested all beacons for a period of three months. We recorded the data concerning performance and battery life over this period.


Read the results of the report at The Hitchicker’s Guide to iBeacon Hardware. The report presents findings for each beacon individually and crowns four top beacons in each category.

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