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aislelabs-ppt-socialwifi We’re pleased to announce our newest software release: Aislelabs Social Wi-Fi! With the addition of Aislelabs Social WiFi to our current product calatalogue, we are able to provide a platform that will enable the transformation of the guest WiFi experience into a powerful market research and customer insights tool.

The simplicity of one-click access to guest WiFi via Facebook, Twitter, email and other social logins will enable shopping centers, airports, and big box retail stores to better understand the demographics of their visitors. With an opt-in model at the heart of Aislelabs Social WiFi, venues will be able to reach new levels of engagement by creating multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, SMS and social posts.

Here is how Aislelabs Social Wi-Fi makes getting access to guests’ age, gender, interests, email and other key attributes easier than ever before:

  • Simple to use web based dashboard for analytics and marketing.
  • Interactive reporting with heatmaps and traffic analytics segmented by age, gender and interests.
  • Real-time campaigns via email, SMS and social posts.

With the above mentioned features, Aislelabs Social WiFi empowers marketers to monetize their free WiFi by providing a deeper understanding of who is visiting their premises and providing a platform to communicate with these visitors on a personal level in a privacy friendly manner.

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