Beacon Guide: Now Bigger and Better with 2015 Update

Last year, we set out on a mission to stress test all major beacon hardware available in the market. We tested 16 beacon manufacturers in our beacon guide. Today, we are releasing a massive update to the original report. The new version of the report:

  • Covers beacons from 26 different vendors, and covers multiple models from same manufacturer. This makes the report the most comprehensive resource on beacon hardware.
  • Updates experimental results based on our stress testing of all beacons over the past nine months. During this time, we continuously tested each beacon for battery life and performance.

Since the Apple’s announcement of the iBeacon in 2011, numerous hardware vendors are making iBeacon-compatible beacons. The market is flooded with beacons in all shapes and sizes. However finding the right beacon can be a daunting tasks. Therefore, at Aislelabs, our engineers stress tested each beacon in our own labs to provide an unbiased technical comparison of each one. All beacons were tested for several months to test their battery life.

The report also provides an introduction to beacons and the iBeacon protocol. Beacons are usally small battery powered devices. They emit a Bluetooth Low Energy signal. The signal is picked up by the phone, and often transmitted to a cloud server via the internet. The backend cloud server processes the information and performs further analysis guiding specific location based behaviors in the mobile device. Beacons consist of four primary components as shown in the graphic below.


Highlights of the report are:


26 vendors covered in the report are:


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