Aislelabs to showcase Optimization in Airport Retail and Operations at Passenger Terminal Expo

Hey there! We are here in Cologne, Germany for the Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 and we are presenting ​an overview of our key findings, successes, and what we have learned utilizing passenger flow to optimize airport operations and retail. We are presenting ​our case study alongside Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA)​ to provide details on ​the​ collection and display of real-time data, highlight our predictive power, present operational insights and show some live examples.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2016

During this presentation, you will be exposed to modern technologies ​used​ to gather, analyze and process passenger flow information. You can also learn about innovative ways to associate passenger flow and flights, baggage and gate information for predictive analytics.

Apart from the lessons we learned from working with Toronto Pearson Airport i.e. GTAA using​ this platform for over a year, we will also present innovative ways (to reason about airport revenue and how to optimize passenger flow to increase operational spend.)

All ​of this​ interesting information ​will​ be presented by our CEO, Nick Koudas,​ to all of​ the major airlines and airport industry ​professionals​. Passenger Terminal Expo is the place to witness the latest projects and industry trends and developments. You ​can see the technology in action and catch up on the latest views of industry influencers. If you are in Cologne or at the Expo, please drop by our booth to say ‘Hi’ and ​learn​ more about us!

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