New WiFi Marketing White-Paper: Why Wi-Fi Matters for Shopping Centres of Tomorrow

Aislelabs has announced the release of their new WiFi marketing for shopping malls white-paper explaining how malls can reinvent themselves digitally.

Aislelabs has just released a brand new white-paper entitled “Why Wi-Fi Matters for the Shopping Centres of Tomorrow.” The new document was prepared for shopping centre groups and owners detailing how WiFi marketing for shopping malls can help today’s shopping centres thrive in the retail market of tomorrow and is available right now.

Shopping centres have undergone a tectonic shift in the last few years due to the rise of e-commerce. Once a dedicated and centralized place for retail, they have since broadened beyond that narrow definition. No longer do they focus on retail shopping alone and are expanding into restaurants, fitness centres, medical clinics, office spaces, as well as other recreational, business, and institutional uses. The white-paper details how to prosper in this new paradigm.

One of the biggest challenges facing mall owners/operators is the lack of direct relationships with shoppers which is necessary for creating personalized and experience based environments. Guest WiFi has become a ubiquitous service in shopping malls and can be utilized to achieve more than just basic connectivity. It can be harnessed as an indispensable tool for gaining valuable customer, behaviour, and demographic insights along with collecting contact information to build sophisticated CRM lists.

In this document, shopping centre owners and groups will learn why WiFi matters for their malls, which trends are driving this change, and why malls need to reinvent themselves in order to keep pace with a changing market. The white-paper also details how the industry has changed in our modern era and explores the tools required for a digital transformation. Here is an overview of what is covered in this free document:

  • Why WiFi Matters for the Shopping Centres of Tomorrow
  • Let’s Talk Malls
  • The Trends Shaping Up this Change Include
  • Malls Need to Reinvent Themselves
  • What Can WiFi Do for Malls
  • Aislelabs WiFi Solutions
  • Aislelabs Social WiFi – A Solution for Malls
  • How Social WiFi is Helping Malls – A Closer Look

“Why Wi-Fi Matters for the Shopping Centres of Tomorrow” is available right now at Download the WiFi marketing for shopping malls white-paper by clicking the link.

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