Meet Campaign: Our Newest WiFi Marketing Solution

Campaign is our newest offering and the most sophisticated WiFi marketing campaign platform available.

We’ve just announced the launch of our new product Campaign. Utilizing enterprise-level machine learning technology and artificial intelligence, it is the most advanced digital WiFi marketing campaign platform available for brick-and-mortar physical spaces like restaurants using guest wifi for marketing.

Campaign’s advanced targeting capabilities are built on Aislelabs enterprise-level artificial intelligence software. It allows users to identify the specific audience groups for each campaign objective in order to deliver personalized messages to them.

Audiences can be targeted across all digital channels including email, surveys, and online digital advertising. It is available alongside WiFi marketing integrations with Aislelabs’ enterprise-grade guest WiFi solutions such as Flow, Social WiFi, and Connect that go beyond open rates and clicks in order to quantify actual foot traffic to a venue attributed to campaigns, sales and repeat customers.

The new platform will allow users to create holistic, multi-channel marketing campaigns and execute them across multiple avenues. Aislelabs Campaign integrates with Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other social sites along with its powerful email marketing automation platform to build sophisticated advertising solutions. In addition it integrates with popular marketing clouds and CRM systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, Silverpop, Microsoft Dynamics, MailChimp and more.

Aislelabs Campaign helps to close the digital marketing loop with true attribution of marketing actions to physical store visits and is available now. Learn more about the WiFi marketing platform and how it will help build and grow businesses by clicking the link.

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