Video Overview: Supercharge WiFi Marketing for Shopping Malls and Shopping Centres

Aislelabs provides the world’s most advanced platform to provide WiFi marketing for shopping malls and shopping centres allowing them to learn who their customers are and tailor marketing material for their guests.

Shopping malls and shopping centres are undergoing a revolutionary change. They’ve gone from a single place to fulfill a customer’s retail needs to a mixed-use community hub. A lot of this has to do with the e-commerce revolution which has transformed how people shop. Watch the video below to get more in-depth information of our technology platforms and how Aislelabs products can help the shopping centres of today become the shopping centres of tomorrow.

Most customers are omnichannel shoppers — that is, shoppers who buy both online and offline. Online merchants are able to learn about their customers through different social media and online platforms in order to market to them. Shopping centres and malls can also access these advanced insights by offering free guest WiFi. When they sign up via Facebook or other social media accounts, shopping centres and malls can see who their visitors are and their demographics via our Connect platform for WiFi marketing.

Even better, a physical venue can go beyond just the demographic information of the people who have decided to connect to the guest WiFi. Aislelabs provides solutions that even online retailers don’t have access to. Using the anonymous signals that are publicly broadcast by WiFi enabled mobile devices, our retail analytics platform Aislelabs Flow can help you understand the footfall traffic of every user with a cell phone. This gives shopping mall operators a detailed look at the overall customer journey. Check out the video above to get a bird’s eye view of both these platforms.

Flow and Connect integrate with our native digital marketing solution Aislelabs Campaign. No new hardware is needed to be installed to have the Aislelabs platform working for you so setting up the solution is easy and fast.

To learn more about how Aislelabs products can help shopping malls and centres, we’ve also written a handy whitepaper titled Why Wi-Fi Matters for Shopping Centres of Tomorrow. To download that ebook, click the link above.

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