Announcing TripAdvisor Review Express Integration with Our Social WiFi Products

Aislelabs is excited to announce the introduction of TripAdvisor Review Express integration with our social WiFi and analytics platforms.

TripAdvisor is the largest premium travel and restaurant review websites in the world. Customers can use the platform to review and rate restaurants and hotels as well as book accommodation, compare pricing, find places to visit and other travel-related services. Boasting more than 500 million reviews, it’s incredibly important to have a presence on the site.

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that the service now natively integrates with our social WiFi platform. Aislelabs allows venues such as restaurants and hotels to engage with their visitors to understand customer behaviour and improve service. By integrating with TripAdvisor, Aislelabs allows these businesses to improve their brand and attract new customers in their marketing efforts.

How Integration with TripAdvisor Works

Integrating your Aislelabs account with TripAdvisor couldn’t be easier. With a few quick clicks, simply opt-in to for the service via the dashboard. Here’s how:

  • Type into your browser and search for your business with the search bar on the site.
  • Next, click “Use Review Express” and then click “Opt In Now” under the Automate tab.
  • Select Aislelabs as your connectivity partner and then agree to the term of services and conditions.

With TripAdvisor Review Express integrated with the Aislelabs platform you can take advantage of the incredible opportunity it presents. When a user signs onto your guest WiFi at an Aislelabs enabled location, you receive their demographic and contact information including email addresses. Those email addresses are then sent to TripAdvisor which will then send an email to the customers and guests who visited your space and ask them to rate it. This allows you to have more ratings on the platform, faster than ever before.

How Reviews Drive Visits

One of the most powerful tool to promote a business is having it reviewed on popular review sites like TripAdvisor. With this integration, encouraging guests to leave reviews has never been easier. Once you have decent amount of reviews, you’ll find that more people will review your business organically as a sizeable amount of reviews encourages a positive feedback loop. With more reviews you can expect to see an increase sales and bookings because you’ve successfully social-proofed your business online while you build your CRM on the Aislelabs platform.

TripAdvisor Review Express integration is a perfect fit for Aislelabs’ Smart Surveys. These advanced digital online surveys allow you to gauge the overall satisfaction from your customers in regards to your services and can further be used to direct customers to share their opinions about them online. Learn more about how you can use our Smart Surveys online survey service by clicking the link.

An intelligent social WiFi marketing platform, such as Aislelabs Connect, along with TripAdvisor integration will help you leverage your guests for more reviews. Beyond that, Connect allows you to collect guest demographic, build your CRM, and allows you to create marketing campaigns that will bring back regular guests more often and find new customers.


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