Aislelabs Smart Online Surveys Just Got Smarter with SurveyGizmo Integration

Aislelabs is pleased to announce SurveyGizmo has now been integrated with Connect’s online survey features. This allows survey results to be shown on the platform with advanced analytics.

Aislelabs has partnered with Boulder-based SurveyGizmo to bring together two advanced analytics platforms. Connect’s enterprise-grade WiFi marketing platform and smart online surveys have now integrated the cloud-based online survey solution to bring more actionable data to your fingertips.

SurveyGizmo is an enterprise-class survey and business analytics platform. It allows users to easily create and administer surveys, and capture data that can then be analysed and acted on.

For us at Aislelabs, surveys are a powerful data collection method we leverage to gather customer feedback, and when combined with Aislelabs’ behavioural, marketing, and analytics features, users can hyper-target and optimize their spaces.

How Integration with SurveyGizmo Works

Integrating SurveyGizmo and Aislelabs couldn’t be easier. The first step of integration is to have a paid SurveyGizmo account. Within your account, head over to Account Settings which will have Manage API listed as a submenu. Create a new API key which will generate a new API token and API token secret.

Copy and paste these two keys into a text file or some other word processing program of your choice. Now head on over to Aislelabs and sign in. Under the Marketing tab, you’ll find the SurveyGizmo integration page. Select your geographical region and input your API token and API secret that you had copied into your text file.

You have just allowed Connect to capture the data using an API key. Once that is set up, you can create surveys as you normally would and see them shown on Connect.

Benefits of Integration

Not only will you have your results from SurveyGizmo, each answer will be linked to an individual’s Connect Profile for you to generate more in-depth reports. For example, the answers could be broken down by gender to show if there are any trends between your customer segments.

Another benefit is by having all surveys and customer profiles centralized, you will have insights on when and how many times each customer has visited your locations. By knowing this, you will be able to get an idea of what day each review is referring to as well as whether they have returned since the review. Given this information, you could run targeted marketing campaigns to reward loyal customers or retarget inactive customers.

Benefits of using SurveyGizmo for this integration

While there are a number of survey solutions on the market, SurveyGizmo’s user interface and robust reporting allow for a seamless and frustration-free connection to our platform like no other solution out there. It’s affordable, innovative, and powerful without the complexity of other tools that may require another set of expertise.

Collecting customer feedback data of this magnitude can be overwhelming. Yet, with SurveyGizmo, we know and trust it collects and analyzes thousands of data points. We don’t have to wade through a convoluted program to take advantage of advanced features such as logic and conjoint analysis, so we can get to what matters most to us – improving our product for our customers.  

And perhaps most importantly, the decisions we are able to make at Aislelabs with the trusted data collected and processed through SurveyGizmo, are more efficient, accurate, and impactful to our bottom-line.

Aislelabs Connect strengthens its marketing capabilities with its latest integration of SurveyGizmo’s audience solution. Create a survey today to begin collecting actionable data, customer feedback, and much more.


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