Creating Customer Experience: Part 3 — Automation & Measurement

This is the third and final part of our series on creating a personalized customer experience for your guests. In part one we covered the importance of personalization and collecting data on your customers. Part two introduced how to use the data you collected to begin generating content and delivery strategies. There is one final stage left and it has to do with automating the process and then improving your promotions, bringing the whole process full circle.

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Automating Personalization

There is no feasible way to manually deliver content in real time. In part two we briefly covered time and location triggers but no one can be expected to manually send out a message every time your criteria is triggered. That’s where automation and rule-based marketing comes in. You can create a personalized customer experience for your visitors through an easy to use WiFi marketing platform like Aislelabs Connect.

For example, let’s say that Bob shops at high-end luxury stores in your mall and likes Tag Heuer, Omega, and Rolex brand watches. You’ve identified that many of your customers are watch connoisseurs. Bob has not returned to your mall in 90 days but, fortunately, you’ve also set up an automated email that is sent to anyone that has not returned to any of your luxury stores in the past 90 days enticing them to return.

When Bob returns home he logs onto his social media accounts. You have also created digital ads for men that have visited a luxury store so which means that when Bob logs on to Facebook he’ll see your ads that are tailored to his preferences.

As you can see these are two campaigns that are highly targeted to a specific customer type but are set off by completely different triggers. This creates a unified personal experience for your customers that are delivered to the right customers at the right time. Even though you aren’t creating campaigns specifically for Bob, you’ve created a series of automated rules that are dependant on how Bob behaves because he belongs to a certain type of customer you identified during the data acquisition phase.

Measure and Improve

Running these personalized and hyper-targeted campaigns will bring you even more data. This is the point where you measure and optimize the performance of your personalized campaigns. You’ll need to analyze as much information as possible including metrics such as in-store behaviour, sales, time spent in a store, and online behaviour before and after the interaction with a campaign. Here is where you will notice whether there was an increase in sales, visits, or the duration of time customers spent at your venue and look for indications that the campaign had an effect.

Aislelabs offers the only WiFi marketing and location analytics platform that also measures the return-on-investment of each campaign. It allows you to create and measure the effects of your digital marketing campaigns in terms of real dollars, utilizing the targeted audiences in your customer database. It also provides details on your returning customers after viewing an ad and closes the digital marketing ROI loop.

With all of this information, you can experiment with campaigns that underperform to optimize and increase results or discontinue them if they continue to work poorly. You can tweak and experiment with your big successes to see if you can optimize them even more and create a rock solid personalized experience for each and every one of your customers.

This stage also ties into the “analyze and understand your customer” process from part one. When a campaign ends you learn more about who your customers are and what they respond to so you can continue to refine and deliver an even more personalized customer experience bringing the whole process back full circle. For further details on the previous parts of this series, links to part one on collecting data and part two on generating and delivering content are located below.

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