How Can A Restaurateur Find Out Who Their Customers Are?

As a restaurateur you see numerous customers visit and dine at your venues on a daily basis. However, odds are, you have limited information regarding who they are, where they live, their demographics, contact information, and interests. These are valuable pieces of information which are hard to collect in a non-intrusive way like using a paper survey. Aislelabs Connect WiFi marketing platform collects this information seamlessly when your clients log on to your guest WiFi service.


Why It’s Important for a Restaurateur

Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers, individually and in aggregate, helps you as a restaurateur to develop strategies to engage and communicate with them building a stronger relationship. You can easily understand the prevailing demographics and interests among your clientele and focus your marketing strategies.

Creating valuable contact lists of your customers allows you to stay in touch and communicate with them after they have left the premises. This enables you to engage with them in a more personalized manner.

By knowing what customers like, you can tailor your business to be more in line with those interests. This allows you to execute a communication strategy that is aligned with their interests and preferences.

Creating New Opportunities

In addition to demographics, information on where your customers live is highly valuable. Do your customers mainly live in certain areas of the city? Are they traveling a large distance to visit?

This information can generate leads or insights for new restaurant locations based on demand. Demographic information and interests let you concentrate your marketing strategy around restaurant events that appeal to the target demographic.

How Aislelabs Can Help You Understand Your Customers

Aislelabs Connect makes it incredibly easy for a restaurateur to collect and analyze your customer data. When a customer enters the restaurant with a WiFi enabled device, they can log on to the guest WiFi with a single click using their social media accounts.

From the Connect dashboard, you can easily access demographic information and what your customers are interested in. You can take note of what your customers like, which age group is the most popular, and where they might live.

The built-in filters make it even easier to drill into the information. If you’d like to build up a particular audience, for example, you can focus directly on that audience and analyze their information.

Getting to know your customers enables opportunities for personalized marketing. Marketing strategies centred on peak demographics and interests offer valuable insight into business expansion.

Valuable demographic information is difficult to collect in a non-intrusive way and guest WiFi is the easiest way to collect it. Understanding who your clients are is invaluable for developing marketing strategies and gives you critical data to create new opportunities.

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