July Product Updates

Aislelabs is pleased to announce updates to our enterprise-grade products. We’ve added loads of new features requested from our customers and made workflow improvements to the platform.

Aislelabs Connect Updates

Export User Lists to Facebook from Users Page

Aislelabs platform is used by our customers to hyper target their users on online ad channels, including Facebook’s Audience Network. With our July update we are making it even easier to use with the ability to directly create and share Custom Audience from your User Lists page to the Facebook Business Manager. You can directly select demographic and behavioural attributes to create lists and share them as audiences to optimize your paid media buy. Read more about our online advertising features at https://www.aislelabs.com/technology/behavioral-retargeting-ads-facebook-google/

You can now assign multiple email domains to Organizations

With Connect, it is easy to send emails using your own domain. Until now, each organization was restricted to one domain. We have changed that and now you can have as many domains as you like for your sender email addresses for your campaigns.

Schedule Splash Pages and Approval Workflow

Many of our customers are large enterprises with complex workflows. They also have many events and activities going on with preset calendars for coming weeks and months. Therefore, it is important to have more capabilities to schedule splash page changes in advance and also have rich workflow to support their day-to-day activities. One example would be scheduling a holiday themed splash page for the month of December. You could schedule it in advance and once the new year starts, the splash page will revert back to default. These changes can be made by every user or restricted to select admins.

Show archive campaigns and sites

We have added the ability to archive content on certain pages (email templates, email campaigns, your sites, etc.). This allows you to clear the clutter and customize the content you would like to see. Don’t worry, it is not permanently deleted, you can always restore them in the future!

Splash Page Video options

We have added option to display video on our splash pages, as it was a highly requested feature by our clients. By adding videos, you now have more control over displayed content. You can also tailor the user experience such as whether the user can skip after 5 or 10 seconds or must watch the full video and if they are auto connected to the internet as soon as the video finishes playing.

Customer Hub Updates

Filter based on Schema / Schema Setup

We have recently surpassed 3 billion data points which is over 700GB per day! With so many data points, we realized there must be an easier way to sort through all of it. That is why we are introducing our new Schema filter which allows for a more in depth dive to segment your customers. An example of this filter is using it to figure out which users are missing key demographic information and then targeting them to complete their profile.

Product Wide Updates

Help Center

You may have also noticed the changes we made to our knowledge base. You can access it from https://aislelabs.elevio.help/en after login or within the Aislelabs platform from Help menu on bottom right.

New Features

  • Country box showing country of residence is now added on the Demographics page.
  • Space and AP Locator Page added to help locate your spaces or access point easier.
  • SMS Message Log page added to show all the delivery status for all SMS sent, for both One Time Passwords and SMS Campaigns, along with its cost.
  • Site Visit Report and several other pages have now been optimized to load 33% faster.

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