New Smart Reviews for Attractions E-book Released

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that we’ve just published a new Smart Review e-book. This guide covers how venues such as museums, casinos, hotels, galleries, stadiums, aquariums, or convention centres can benefit from smart reviews.

Available today, we have this new e-book covering how a large venue can leverage the awesome power of online reviews that is available through the Aislelabs Connect platforms. Aislelabs Smart Reviews helps maximize public online reviews, provides important customer critiques to improve business, and minimizes the chances for public negative reviews. It works for all types of venues and attractions such as aquariums, museums, casinos, galleries, hotels, convention centres, stadiums, and any other space visited by a large number of guests. Learn why online reviews are so crucial for enticing new visitors and how Smart Reviews work to prescreen positive and negative reviews. This allows a venue to create a positive feedback loop that organically creates even more reviews.

Aislelabs Connect is our flagship guest WiFi and WiFi marketing solution that engages your customers by offering one-click access to your free WiFi via Facebook, Twitter, email, and other popular social sites. It collects valuable insights of your customers including their age, gender, location, and interests all within the platform.

The Smart Reviews for Attractions e-book is available to download right now. To learn more about the Aislelabs WiFi marketing solution Connect and our location analytics platform Flow, click the preceding links.

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