New Smart Coupon User Experience Case Study Released

Aislelabs is delighted to announce that we’ve just published a new Smart Coupon user experience case study. The case study explores how and why Smart Coupons are superior to other types of coupons.

This new case study is available today and features how Aislelabs has digitized the traditional coupon for our WiFi marketing platform Connect. Smart Coupons are an incredible tool for restaurants, cafes, retail, or any other venue that sells merchandise related products.

Coupons are one of the best incentivising tools a business can use to bring customers back to their retail store or restaurant. But they also present distinct challenges for these businesses to overcome. Aislelabs Smart Coupons overcome the difficulty and challenges of a traditional coupon and provide actually ROI data that was previously impossible. Smart Coupons are superior to traditional coupons delivering campaign analytics and data while providing easy and versatile audience targeting.

Aislelabs Flow is a cloud-based, enterprise grade location analytics platform that helps visualize repeat customers, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, and real-time heatmaps to track key objectives across all your locations. Connect provides exciting solutions like Smart Coupons transforming your guest WiFi into a powerful WiFi marketing tool. Businesses can provide free WiFi in exchange for customers age, gender, location, and interests data and create hyper-targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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