Aislelabs Releases Zapier App Integration

We are excited to announce that the Aislelabs solution can now seamlessly integrate with over 1,000 apps thanks to our Zapier integration. You don’t have to code or be a tech expert to use the service.

For those not familiar with Zapier, it is a task automation tool which connects the Aislelabs platform with other web apps such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Mailchimp. Zapier automates the workflow syncing data between your apps based on pre-defined rules and triggers. A majority of the tools you already use are on Zapier— and their list of native integrations keeps growing.

Here’s how it works:

Aislelabs Flow and Connect products can capture actionable data about your visitors utilizing your Wi-Fi network. Aislelabs’ location analytics and marketing improves your ability to connect and understand your customers in a retail environment. The demographic, behavioural, and engagement data allows you to target and re-target users through email and social networks.

Zapier allows you to create actions and trigger any event based on customer activities at your retail location. All the valuable information that is collected can be piped into any CRM, marketing automation platform, or communication system available through Zapier.

For example, you can automate Aislelabs dashboard searches and lookups from inside other apps. Or you could make a Zap that creates a Mailchimp subscriber after a customer profile is captured by Aislelabs Connect.

Automating workflows and generating insights from raw data has done some amazing things for Aislelabs— and now it’s all available to you, too. We hope this gives you some inspiration to start automating your workflow today.

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