How To Retarget Mall Consumers for Holidays and Special Days

Repeat customers typically spend more money than new customers and cost much less to retain. Just increasing the number of repeat customers by a small degree can have a huge impact on revenue. That makes encouraging consumers who have already visited the premises to return more often one of the prime objectives for brick-and-mortar stores.

For example, Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for shopping centres to capitalize on gifts. The Aislelabs marketing platform can hyper-target customers for a specific holiday and provide you with return on investment metrics.

Shopping Centres & Re-targeting

Even though the millennial generation spends more and more time online, shopping centres and malls still make up 90% of all retail sales according to recent studies. Physical stores and shopping centres are revolutionizing their marketing techniques through the integration of digital marketing innovations and tools. These groundbreaking in-store technology enable shopping centres to understand their customers’ behaviour by collecting in-store behavioural data based on different demographics such as age, gender, location, and interests. With this information it is possible to entice them to return for events or sales like a Valentine’s Day sale.

Smart Coupons & Whom to Re-target

Chocolates and flowers are some of the most gifted items on Valentine’s Day. With Aislelabs Connect, a shopping centre can re-target customers incentivizing them to return to the mall.

Using the Aislelabs platform, marketers can create email and social media campaigns for chocolatiers and florists located in the shopping centre. The Connect WiFi marketing platform allows the marketing team to create user lists targeting men between the ages of 18 and 45. An email campaign is crafted to them giving them a 15% discount on flowers and chocolates at the mall. Marketing also uses Aislelabs Flow location analytics to target men who have previously visited florist shops in the past since single men do not typically visit florists.

The Aislelabs platform not only has email campaigns built directly into the solution, but the ability to automatically create Smart Coupons. Smart Coupons are one-time use promo codes that special offers for customers like the 15% off Valentine’s Day sale. The sale runs until February 14th where any unused coupon will automatically expire. They’re easy to create without the need of an IT department and no need to integrate with a point of sales system.

Shopping Centers with a wide range of demographic information of customers can manage their marketing campaigns and increase the return foot traffic to their venues.

ROI & Results

With Aislelabs there is no doubt of the effectiveness of digital campaigns. Campaign results are measured providing both in open rates and click-through rates. More importantly, the Aislelabs solution provides an ROI calculation and how many of the targeted customers returned to the shopping centres.

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