February Product Updates

Aislelabs is pleased to announce updates to our enterprise-grade products. Our engineering team has been working hard on improving our product’s functionality based on customer needs and partner feedback.

Re-designed Calendar Page

Want to know the impact of weather on the visit patterns and dwell times of your audience? An updated calendar page allows you to see how certain weather events such as rain or snow may impact visits at your site. The weather information is updated in real-time based on your site’s location. Also, the load time of the page was reduced by 300% significantly improving the performance of the page.

Enhanced Show/Hide Archive Capabilities

As you run multiple campaigns, build more email templates, and clone components, you inevitably also create a number of test and dummy records. This starts to clutter your interface fast. We have enhanced the capabilities to show/hide items including the introduction of a new dedicated icon for this feature at the top of the table highlighted in the screenshot. Alternatively, if you still end up viewing records in multiple pages, you can use the search bar to type in the keywords and shorten your list.

Improved Reporting on CRM Trends

You can now view the number of unique connected user devices and new user devices acquired in the last 7 days on the Your CRM page. The metrics help you analyze the performance of different sites such as a notable increase in user devices or a steep drop. We have also added the site name as one of the columns in the CSV export of unique users. It will help you to drill down data at the user level and generate aggregated insights based on the site.

View Verified Email Addresses with Ease

With millions of emails collected, we realize quite a few of them are invalid. Last year, we added the ability to verify the validity of the email address shared by the user for authentication. We now have added it as an attribute on the customer profile page. Email verification allows for more accurate and valuable data which can be used to execute targeted campaigns.

CSV Export of Space Visits %

Better understand your visitors’ relationships and interactions between different spaces. We have added a new column called space visits percentage (relative to site) in the CSV visits export . This data simplifies the correlation between multiple spaces and can be used as an input in any other external data visualization tool.

Other Features

  • Improved the way how metrics are presented on the connected report page. Also, the passerby filter was removed from the connected report.
  • Enhanced the space/area table on the historical report and occupancy pages. The new interface is much more intuitive with clearly defined sections.
  • On email analytics page under advanced analytics, we now have the option to download the list of bounced emails in a campaign.
  • Added “now” button to the date filters, allowing you to send emails instantly while running a campaign.
  • Added subtitle texts on the Report, Demographics and Event report page to describe the relevant metrics.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the floors dropdown of the cross-space heatmap on the space report.
  • Word cloud would now resize the longer and larger words to fit them into the cloud instead of excluding them.
  • Fixed an issue where a user was able to schedule an ongoing or specific date campaign by selecting a date and time in the past.
  • Forwarding URL issue was fixed for Google sign-in.

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