Aislelabs Helps Airports Fulfill FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 Requirements

The US government has mandated the display of real-time security checkpoint wait times across all airports. Aislelabs provides an easy compliance solution.

The United States government passed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 requiring all airports to have real-time security checkpoint wait times displayed. We at Aislelabs can assist airports achieve these goals using the Aislelabs Flow product. Flow utilizes the existing wireless infrastructure to deliver such metrics and no new hardware installation is required at the airport.

With Flow, airports can obtain lead curves and real time wait times for both arriving and departing passengers for every checkpoint including security, immigration, customs, and check-in areas. Not only does this satisfy the requirements of the FAA Reauthorization act, but it assists airports plan resources based on actual demand, streamline operations to reduce delays, and increase on-time flight performance.

The Aislelabs solution goes beyond just fulfilling the requirements of the Act. Airports using Flow are able to analyze the entire journey of the passengers from curb-to-gate and vice versa visualizing passenger flow analytics across the entire terminals. Thus terminal wide passenger flow intelligence is delivered in real time utilizing the existing WiFi infrastructure without the need for additional hardware and capital expenses.

Using a powerful prediction engine, Aislelabs Flow forecasts future delays and passenger arrival curves based on current operations, real-time flight schedule, and external conditions like weather and traffic. In addition it easily delivers alerts regarding unexpected events.

The analytics provide complete visibility in the passenger journey, uncover inefficiencies as well as boost retail sales by reducing delays and increase dwell time in duty free and retail areas. Insights can be shared with airport retail partners and retail KPIs and metrics are provided by retail category, travel destination, and airline.

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