May 2019 Product Updates

Our team at Aislelabs is passionate about solving problems and not just implementing features. We work hard to define and design our products collaboratively that our customers love. Here are the updates from our latest release.

Segment and Retarget Users based on Email Engagement Analytics

If an email campaign does not achieve your desired open and click through rates, it is not always the fault of the message. It may be because of the subject line, time of delivery, etc. A good message cannot be read if the email is not opened. With the introduction of engagement filter for user lists, you can now segment your users based on previous campaign analytics such as did not open, opened or clicked on. For eg, you may want to resend an email campaign to your users who didn’t open an email that contained important information for them. Similarly, you can also segment your users who opened the email and clicked on the actionable items.

Personalized Email Subject Line

Users receive numerous emails every day and it is up to the marketer to create a subject line that commands their attention. One of the strategies often used by specialists is the personalization of subject line, everybody loves to see their name written out. Aislelabs now allows you to add recipients name or email in the subject of your email campaign. As your customers in the User Lists can now be addressed as individuals, they are more likely to engage with your campaign. Don’t just take our word for it, A/B test your personalized email subject line using our User Lists split feature.

SMS Analytics Repeat Visitor Report

Understanding and analyzing the impact of your campaigns is the core of any marketing strategy. Repeat visitor analytics for SMS allows you to measure and determine the conversion of your campaign. It correlates to the visitor behavior and tells you how many customers came back physically to your sites after reading the promotional text message and what is the ROI to your bottom line.

Compatibility with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solutions– Stellar WiFi

Aislelabs platform now supports Alcatel Lucent’s Stellar WiFi infrastructure. Alcatel Lucent provides enterprise-grade WLAN products which are low cost, easy to deploy and configure. It has constantly been recognized and featured by analysts in Gartner, Forrester and IDC reports. For 100 years, Alcatel has been delighting its customers with innovative technology. Native integration with their popular products will allow more enterprises across various industries to deploy Aislelabs platform with ease.

A Splash of Colour for Your Branding / More Colourful Branding

Colours and styling are a great way to reflect the individuality of your brand. We have added an option to change the background and primary colours on different states of smart coupons, smart reviews, and email unsubscribe pages. We have also included a colour palette for you to choose from that speaks to your brand as a whole.

Self Serve Email Subdomains

We now provide self serve ability to set up a from email address that’s associated with a domain you own for running your email campaigns. You no longer have to reach out to our support and it takes only a few minutes to setup a domain. You can create up to 2 subdomains for your organization. Setting up domains will help your emails look more professional, allowing you to achieve better delivery and open rates.

Other Features

  • Released a new version of API for the site visit report.
  • Introduced a new forgot password mechanism to enhance the security of user accounts.
  • Improved the performance of repeat visitors metric for campaign analytics.
  • “Download as CSV” on the User Lists page has a new naming convention – “User list name_no. of users_date/time downloaded.csv”.
  • New naming convention for exporting users from the Users page “Users-SWIDS_startdate-enddate-atNOW.csv”.
  • Added the ability to remove SMS unsubscribers, similar to Email unsubscribers.
  • All email campaigns will generate the open/click rates based off of the emails delivered instead of sent which makes these metrics more precise.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the LinkedIn logo and icon on the Connections page.
  • Fixed lack of London location
  • Fixed the map of clicks and open on campaign analytics.
  • Fixed display issues on Connect pages

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