June 2019 Product Updates

We at Aislelabs are constantly looking out for ways to create value for our customers by going beyond minor tweaks and innovating our products, collaboratively. Here are the updates from our latest release.

Automated Email Validation at Scale

Email is a high-ranking channel for every marketer but it is not always easy for your messages to reach every users’ inbox on your list. While email deliverability is >98% on the Aislelabs platform, you want to keep your user lists clean to maintain your brand, identity, and reputation. Aislelabs now provides an option to enterprise customers with automated mailbox validation. We will query the recipient’s email provider to check if it is a valid and clean email address. We make sure every email address on your user lists are valid every time you run a campaign. Email validation goes a long way to maintaining your status with your Email Service Provider and Internet Service Provider, improving deliverability, engagement rates, and reducing spam complaints.

Splash WiFi Success Page Personalization

Splash success pages gives marketers a perfect opportunity to engage with customers. While they are at your location you can promote customer loyalty programs, free products, “likes”, references, or virtually anything which can boost customer engagement. Aislelabs now allows you to personalize the success page with the customer’s name on their every subsequent visit. Your customers will love the fact that you’ve remembered their last interaction and will be pleasantly surprised with the personalization, helping you boost your brand affinity.

Compatibility with Huawei Cloud Campus

Aislelabs platform now integrates with Huawei’s Cloud Campus network infrastructure. As a trusted Huawei solutions partner, Aislelabs already supported Huawei’s various different lines of products. Cloud Campus introduces big data analytics, AI, and cloud technologies to build streamlined campus networks for industry-wide digital transformations. Compatibility with Cloud Campus solution will allow Aislelabs to build vertical solutions for various industries such as education, transportation, healthcare, and retail. You can learn more about it here.

Xovis integration with Aislelabs for Airports

We have added sensor data from Xovis to the Aislelabs dashboard for our airport customers. Camera based door counters from Xovis measure the volume and the flow of foot traffic through spaces at a site. Xovis data has a high level of accuracy (above 98%) and can provide insights into the direction a person travels with 3D imaging. Door counters are good to measure the volume of people entering the airport but don’t tell what those people do and how they interact once they are inside the airport. Counter numbers compliment Aislelabs’ ability to identify unique visitors, passerbys, repeat visitation, duration, visit recency, and cross shopping behaviour.

Other Features

  • Email unsubscribe page now supports HTML formatting. It makes it easy for you to format your before and after unsubscribe text (bold, italics, colours, headers etc.) or add any external links.
  • Added support for Internet Explorer 11. We already supported Microsoft Edge.
  • Added the ability to verify active domains for your organization.

Bug Fixes

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