July 2019 Product Updates

At Aislelabs we are obsessed with our customers. Every month, we share our notable features which we worked on with you.

Here are the updates from our latest release:

Offline Attribution – Campaign Repeat Visitor Analytics

Aislelabs unmatched ability to attribute ROI data back to individual marketing campaigns differentiates us from our competitors. We have now added the ability to select multiple sites or customize the time period for evaluating repeat visitation. For instance, a restaurant chain with multiple locations can measure the conversion of a marketing campaign for each location in terms of repeat visits and dollar value. This allows you to measure the success of your campaigns across physical sites based on footfall and the actual number of visits.

Event Report – Comparison across Events

Event Report is a highly accurate way to gauge the success of any event or activities at your site, such as a game day viewing party, pop-up booths, or special sale days. In this update we have added the functionality to compare two events by selecting any previous event as a benchmark. For example, if you want to analyze how your 2019’s summer event is performing against 2018, you can select the past event as a reference to assess the number of connected and anonymous visits.

Integration with Cisco DNA Spaces

Aislelabs has been a trusted Cisco solutions partner providing turn-key applications on Cisco’s on-premise and cloud based infrastructure. DNA Spaces is Cisco’s cloud based location services platform which helps you unlock insights and trends into visitors, employee, and asset behaviour. Aislelabs’ early integration with DNA Spaces will help eliminate blind spots at brick-and-mortar businesses. Big enterprises managing hundreds of properties can be grouped under one DNA Space umbrella using Aislelabs and can act on all the insights captured by using rule-based workflows.

Compatibility with Mist Systems

Aislelabs now integrates with Mist Systems. Mist, a Juniper company, pioneers in AI driven WiFi access, network management, IoT segmentation, and analytics. Platform integration with Mist will allow Juniper enterprise customers to deploy Real Time Location System (RTLS) for high-accuracy location and behavioural analysis at scale.

Other Features

  • We have made it easier for you to understand different spaces on the space table by using special icons. Our intelligent platform can identify if some sort of naming pattern exists by scanning all your spaces and then modifying the icon accordingly. The logic only applies to the space type defined as “Other”.
  • Improved verbiage on Users page when the same user connects more than once using different login methods.
  • Added the ability to update ROI dollar value from the campaign analytics page.
  • Changed the UI to reflect whether your campaign includes or excludes double opt-in users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed email delay for campaigns on users with birthday on 29th February.
  • Fixed the space selector for fine grain dwell time on site visit report.
  • Fixed the issue of dynamic lists not getting updated automatically in some cases.

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