Aislelabs Releases Self-Serve Screen Builder

Aislelabs has created a new way for marketing teams to easily create or modify web sign up forms in Customer Hub.

Build beautiful web sign up forms through a self-serve editor built right into Customer Hub, Aislelabs’ customer identity access management. Customize the look and feel of your sign up form and tailor it to your own branding and marketing guidelines. Manage schemas and create forms with custom profile fields to learn more about who your customers are and effortlessly adapt them to your unique informational needs. It’s powerful enough to create any design and intuitive enough to be updated without the need for any developers.

The built in customizable sign-up forms are easily created with a native template creator. You can build them in minutes which will produce a small snippet of code you place on your website. This allows you to get Customer Hub running quickly and provides a new source to capture user data through newsletter sign-ups and loyalty program registrations into your consolidated database with ease. Learn more about how Customer Hub helps fight against data fragmentation with a free ebook by clicking on the link.

These types of forms have been difficult to modify in the past. It used to take several teams in order to make a single field change from the marketing department. IT would need to add the field to the database and the front end devs would add it to the website design. QA then needs to test it before the deployment team releases the update to the website.

With Customer Hub, the only team that needs to be involved with the change is the marketing team. No developers needed.

A client can create the sign up screen asking a user to fill email, first name, last name, postal code, or whatever other information they may want to collect within the Screen Builder.

Three types of forms need to be created with Screen Builder: the sign in form, profile update, and the sign up form. The signup screen allows users to sign up with Facebook or by filling out a form.

The sign in form does identity management in a password-less manner. When a user signs in an email is sent and tells the user to check their inbox for easy access rather than having to remember a password. Once they receive the email, the message tells them they are just a click away and to press the button to access the account. Clicking through will bring them to their account.

Profile update gives an overview of the customer’s profile including their name and email giving them the ability to change their profile. They can select any preferences they may have, select their year of birth, share their postal code, or any other preferences.

Screen builder uses drag and drop functionality for new fields or to subtract current fields. Here is a simple look at how the Screen Builder works, just drag and drop any element you need to build the screen.

The screen is added via a code snippet on their website, simplifying the process without the need to hire a developer for the form sets. Once the code snippet is installed, all the marketing team needs to do in order to change something down the road is change it in the screen builder, click save, and it will update.

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