August 2019 Product Updates

At Aislelabs, we are fortunate enough to partner with world-class enterprise customers to collaboratively ship products that you love. We are on a mission to make your product interactions easier, more pleasant, and more productive. Here are the updates from our latest release:

Celebrate Birthdays with Improved Campaign Scheduling

Birthday emails are one of the most effective emails you can share with your customers. Birthday emails have higher unique click rates, transaction rates, and conversion rates than other promotional emails. Usually birthday emails have a special offer or gift which can be redeemed online or in-store. Aislelabs now allows you to schedule a pre or post birthday campaign (X days before or after the customer’s birthday), helping you increase your customers propensity to transact. For example, you will now be able to schedule a birthday reminder email for your customers – “Your Birthday offer ends soon” a few days after the initial birthday email.

Rule Based Automation of Events for Venues

Venues strive to create personalized experiences for their visitors across hundreds of events every year. Creating, managing, and scheduling events/splash portals; generating reports for measuring event performance and approvals lead to a series of tasks as a part of a complicated workflow. With the introduction of rule based automation, the Aislelabs platform can now directly integrate with your content management systems to pull your event calendar and automatically create events and splash portals for different spaces at your site. You no longer have to switch between screens to manage your events as the event spaces can be dynamically managed from within the Aislelabs platform.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty Metric

It costs significantly less to engage an existing customer than to acquire a new one, highlighting the importance of the customer loyalty on the Aislelabs dashboard. We have introduced a new algorithm for computing repeat visitation metrics with new/repeat counts being additive and independent of the time period selected.

Compatibility with Aerohive Networks

Aislelabs platform now integrates with Aerohive Networks’ WiFi access points. Aerohive is a leader in cloud management, AI, and machine learning. It was among the first companies to offer controller-less WiFi and cloud network management including cloud-managed WiFi and network access control (NAC). Today, it is the second leading provider of Cloud Managed Wireless LAN Services with a global footprint of 30,000 wireless LAN customers in verticals including education, healthcare, government, and retail. Aeorhive will now be able to natively deploy the Aislelabs platform.

Tailored time Buckets for Airports

Air travel is often associated with waiting. Hours of standing in line to check in, get through security, and boarding the plane impacts the flight experience for many passengers. The travel time of the entire passenger journey varies a lot by different times of the day so instead of the three pre-set time buckets, Aislelabs now supports creation of up to 10 different time buckets with customized intervals on the Departure and Arrival Flow pages.

Other Features

  • Improved archiving functionality for active or scheduled campaigns to prevent accidental disabling.
  • Added the ability to look up users who have not shared their email on the Profile page.
  • Campaign UI improved to display the sender email that will be used for executing the email campaign.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a space table UI issue on the historical report page.
  • Fixed the authentication error on the public sensor status page.
  • Email campaigns now throw a correct error message for campaigns which have not sent any emails yet.

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