September 2019 Product Updates

At Aislelabs, we believe continuous delivery is the foundation for building better products. Here are our updates from our latest release.


Scan Your Barcodes to Reward Customers

As a part of your omni-channel marketing strategy, barcodes are an innovative way to bridge the online and offline shopping experience. We have now added the ability to add a dynamically generated barcode to your email campaigns. Dynamic barcodes solve the problem of multiple redemption and unauthorized access as they are unique to each customer. The barcode can be printed by the customer or displayed on their mobile device and then scanned in the store. With this new feature, you can incentive your select customers, precisely track each visit to your store, and measure conversions in an accurate manner. Moreover, our native integration of barcodes with different POS systems allows for a two-way sync of your individual customer profiles.


Get Notified for Negative Smart Reviews

Reviews are a crucial part of your brand’s individuality and experience. 91% of younger demographics trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Unhappy customers are much more likely to share their negative reviews and, more importantly, you can’t control how your customers rate you. However, with the email notification feature for negative smart reviews you can now take corrective measures to instantly appease your customers. Read here for more on how Smart Reviews work to prescreen positive and negative reviews.


Repeat Visitation for Your Events

With offline events, it’s reasonable to always strive to acquire new customers and drive repeat visitation of your existing customers. We have made it easier for you to understand and visualize the new and repeat visits on the event report. It will help you analyze what kind of events attract new customers and which events drive more loyal advocates. In addition, you can now export the visitor retention funnel and connect analysis section as a CSV to analyze the data in any external data visualization tool.


Analyze Metrics by Floors on Historical Report

Does your site have multiple floors? You can now analyze all the visit behaviour metrics by floor via the historical report. Previously, metrics were limited to spaces and areas. Uncover actionable insights by evaluating floor visits and dwell, repeat vs new, engaged vs bounced, and visit distributions by floors.


Improved User Experience for Smart Coupons

Our improved user experience now displays a pop-up confirmation message when the customer clicks on claim coupon. This prevents accidental click or claims when the customer is not physically present at the store to show the cashier the coupon on their mobile device. Learn here about our smart coupon experience.


Other Features

  • Added the ability to export the list of email unsubscribers as CSV.
  • Occupancy page now displays icons on the space table according to space’s territory type.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with Smart Coupon links while sending it through SMS.
  • Fixed the false error on user lists page which occurs when you try to create successive user lists.
  • Fixed the issue with the unsubscribe page preview.
  • Fixed the issue of selecting multiple user lists while creating email campaigns.
  • Fixed the issue of loading the profile page when selecting Facebook users.

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