Aislelabs Releases New E-Book: Staying Clear of Spam Filters

Aislelabs has released a new e-book called Staying Clear of Spam Filters: Your Guide to Run Successful Email Campaigns.

Spam is a huge issue in regards to email marketing and navigating between delivering targeted emails and avoiding the spam filter is a difficult process for email marketers. Crafting a message only to see it land in users’ junk folders is a marketer’s worst nightmare. While spam filters are absolutely necessary to fight unwanted email, sometimes it also affects legitimate email marketing messages. With that in mind, we have written our definitive guide to getting past spam filter.

Spam filters are an absolutely necessary tool to keep inboxes clean. Without it, users would be inundated with spam messages and chances are your emails would never even be seen. However, spam filters can affect your email marketing initiatives and even the smallest error can mark your email as unwanted spam. Our comprehensive guide to avoid the filters and spam traps so your email arrives at the intended inbox is chock-full of great information such as:

  • How email is sent and received
  • How sender reputation affects bounce rates
  • What bounce rates are
  • How Aislelabs validates and verifies email addresses
  • The difference between spam traps and spam filters
  • How the user affects spam
  • Strategies you can use to avoid the spam filter
  • And more

To get started with understanding spam filters and how to make sure your email marketing message is delivered, click here.

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