October 2019 Product Updates

We work with some of the largest brick-and-mortar enterprises around the world, including groups with hundreds of sites and tens of millions of sq. ft. of real-estate. At this scale, there are numerous challenges faced by marketers, operations managers, and retail analysts. In this month’s release, we tackle them all with a new email dashboard, better organization of sites, new/repeat dwell analysis, improved progressive profiling, heatmaps, and more.


Your New Email Performance Dashboard

Every marketer needs to take a data centric approach by analyzing metrics associated with each campaign. Our new email performance dashboard gives you a unified view of all your campaigns, along with their KPIs. It allows you to measure and predict marketing performance by analyzing campaign trends across hundreds of campaigns at once.

This feature will allow enterprises who run tens of thousands of campaigns that answer following questions with ease: Are the performance of my email campaigns getting better each day? When do the campaigns perform the best? Which campaigns are the most engaging and which need improvement?


Organize Your Sites by Regions or Groups

Many Aislelabs customers manage hundreds of sites and this feature is geared towards such users. You can select sites by regions or groups in our site reports. You can now segment or categorize your sites by regions (e.g., Wisconsin vs Maryland) or groups (e.g., Urban vs Rural or Superstore vs. Express). Instead of selecting one site at a time, you can directly select multiple sites using predefined regions or groups with a single click.


New/Repeat Dwell Time Analysis for Pre-Computed Historical Report

A new way to visualize dwell time for new and repeat visits in one chart. You can also export the metrics via CSV. Dwell analysis of the new and repeat visits allow you to evaluate the engagement patterns of your loyal visitors, both overall and trends over a period of time.


Improved Classic Heatmap Style

When you have a large site of hundreds or thousands of square feet and comprised of many smaller spaces and zones, visualization on a heatmap can be daunting. This challenge is compounded when the site also has a high number of visits. With our improved Classic Heatmap style, you can now see the different red gradients, flow and density of visits for spaces with higher footfall in an accurate manner.


Airports – Create Your Custom Passenger Paths

You can now create your own custom passenger paths for auto-segmentation by type of passenger (such as layover or connecting) and airport process. For instance, a layover passenger path can be tracked and analyzed at multiple checkpoints tailored to your airport’s workflow. The passenger paths can be drilled down further to identify visits and dwell the trends by spaces.


Progressively Profile Customers on Known Marketing Attributes

Progressive profiling is a data driven way to gain a deep understanding of your customers based on their past behaviour. With this update, you can progressively profile your customers based on the attributes you already have instead of just visit behaviour. For example, if a customer has provided an email address they will be asked if they would like to sign up for a newsletter. Users who signed in using a mobile phone number would not be asked since no email address was provided.

Another use case is if you change your terms and conditions, selected users who accepted the previous terms and conditions between a certain date can be served a transitioning splash page asking them to accept.


Import Your User Lists with Ease

When importing user lists from third party systems via CSV, additional checks are now done to validate the emails before adding them to Aislelabs. This will help increase deliverability by removing invalid emails early on. Informative messages are displayed on which emails were successfully imported and which were found to be invalid.


Other Features

  • Added the ability to view repeat visitor analytics for SMS campaigns while using an external user list uploaded as a CSV. Learn about our SMS repeat visitor analytics report here.
  • Improved the verbiage of the claim limit text on the smart coupon creation page to remove ambiguity of the number of claims that can be made.
  • Improved the loading times for deliverability metrics on email analytics and OS charts on connections page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which occurs when creating an email campaign which resulted in multiple campaigns being created instead of one.
  • Fixed the issue of fractional visits being displayed for new/repeat visits graph on event report page.
  • Fixed a data display issue on the visit report page and departure passenger flow page.
  • Fixed the issue where adding multiple images to the media library resulted in the first image being uploaded multiple times.
  • Fixed the issue where sorting campaigns by campaign date did not work on the email campaigns page.
  • Fixed the issue where the style editor checkbox was not working for the custom selector on the splash page.

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