Aislelabs Sponsors the Aruba Mobility Conference in Doha, Qatar

Aislelabs is a Gold Sponsor for the Aruba Mobility Conference Qatar: Experience the Digital Era at the Edge, November 19.

Aislelabs is pleased to sponsor the Aruba Mobility Conference Qatar: Experience the Digital Era at the Edge this November 19th. The conference will take place at Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl in Doha, Qatar. To register to the event or learn more, click here.

Industry leaders in the digital realm are working to enable the future of smart experiences by blending mobile, cloud, and IoT into new and exciting solutions. International Data Corporation (IDC) and Aruba will be on hand to showcase these latest developments of innovation towards a redefined Edge— that is, the edge of tomorrow and the edge of what is possible.

Aislelabs will be on hand at the conference to discover the implications and possibilities of what the future brings for enterprise deployed networks. Aislelabs is the leading global provider of enterprise software for marketing automation and location analytics. Our platform allows businesses to engage customers at a personal level by offering one-click internet access via social accounts and email. This provides contact information and actionable insights on customers including age, gender, location, and interests. We also provide a robust location analytics platform which helps businesses understand customer behaviour tracking key objectives, obtaining complete visibility on visitor behaviour such as dwell times, walking paths, and real-time heatmaps.

This exclusive executive event showcases the various ways mobility, cloud, and IoT can impact business access networks in enterprise retail, transportation, hospitality, venues, food & beverage, and more. All of these are verticals which Aislelabs serves using our award winning solutions.

The journey kicks off at 8:00 A.M. with the following agenda:

  • Chapter 1: The Aruba Architecture – Designing Purpose-Built Infrastructure to Deliver Secure Non-Stop Networking
  • Chapter 2: The Wi-Fi 6 Revolution
  • Chapter 3: Cloud Networking
  • Chapter 4: The Digital Era – Vertical Use Cases
  • Chapter 5: AI-Powered Networks – Analytics & Assurance

Join Aislelabs at the conference as IDC and Aruba showcases these latest developments in mobile-first networking at Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl in Doha, Qatar, November 19, 2019. To learn more about the conference and register, click here.

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