Activating Beauty Shoppers Using Ad Retargeting to Maximize ROI: Success Story

Aislelabs is delighted to announce that we’ve just published a new success story of an advertising campaign for a beauty brand located in a shopping centre. The use case explores how the shopping centre was able to drive footfall using a digital marketing ad campaign.

The new success story has been made available today. Inside, you’ll discover how the Aislelabs solution leverages big data and machine learning to increase awareness for the retailer, a digital campaign was conceived for one of the shopping centres in order to measure the ROI of a retargeting campaign. Using data collected from Aislelabs Connect and Flow, a highly targeted digital campaign was conceived to promote the beauty brand over a ten day period. Our platform was then able to analyze footfall patterns, evaluate the campaign’s performance, and determine a return on investment.

Aislelabs Flow is a cloud-based, enterprise grade location analytics platform that helps visualize repeat customers, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, and real-time heatmaps to track key objectives across all your locations. Connect allows users to engage customers at a personal level by offering guest WiFi access by logging in via Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social sites. Once customers sign in, customers gain actionable insights including age, gender, location, interests, and behaviour. With this information clients can create highly-targeted, multi-channel campaigns through email, SMS, and social posts and more.

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