How to Use Black Friday to Engage Customers with Big Data

Black Friday has become the sales day of the year around the world presenting a wonderful opportunity for shopping centres, retail outlets, and restaurants. The event attracts many customers to physical stores and spaces making it an opportune time to capture customer data and understand their interests and demographics. It is also a fantastic time to market to your existing customers and to drive sales.

WiFi Marketing for Black Friday

Capturing Data

Aislelabs Connect is the most sophisticated WiFi marketing platform available. It allows real world spaces to offer free wireless connectivity to the internet in exchange for their contact information, demographics, and interests data when a customer logs in through a splash page using Facebook, Twitter, or an email address. When paired with the Aislelabs Flow location analytics platform, detailed behavioural information is also captured such as dwell time, store affinity, peak hours, and so much more. With many customers coming into your retail locations during Black Friday, including many of which who prefer to shop online, it is an ideal time to capture a large segment of new customer data.

Digital Marketing

Direct digital marketing is an incredible way to hyper-target customers and maximize ROI. With the collected information you’ve gathered, it is easy to create multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. Customers can be retargeted on social media and email letting them know of the deals and specials available on Black Friday.

More than that, marketing can continue year round so every new promotion from your marketing team can be easily communicated to your customers through multiple digital means. You can segment your customers by demographics and/or interests to deliver truly personalized messages. That also means you can segment your audience by those who visited during a previous Black Friday sale for the next Black Friday sale since you know they are receptive to visiting on that day. You can also compare and contrast with other key customer information to understand your audience.

Visitor Tracking and ROI

When a customer who previously visited your store visits again, the wireless network can detect the device once more. That provides key information such as what common interests and demographics can be attributed to specific stores. This becomes highly important to track the ROI of a campaign as the Aislelabs platform can ascribe sales data for returning customers who were targeted as part of a marketing campaign. Combining this data is key to showing the efficacy of the marketing.

Coupled with Aislelabs Flow, you’ll also receive the affinity between stores and dwell time information of these customers. Flow also provides anonymous behavioural data of those who do not connect to the WiFi. By aggregating all of the device data, it can reveal insights into key customer flow information within a space or entire location.

Black Friday Tactics

Black Friday is a great time for FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) marketing. By creating exclusive offers in-store that aren’t available anywhere else, you can entice customers to come to your physical retail space based on something your competition doesn’t have, rather than on price. Some retailers actually lose money in a race to the bottom by discounting too deeply, so focusing on exclusivity rather than sales is a more profound tactic.

Customers use this time to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones so another useful tactic is to offer an exclusive gift with a purchase. That allows customers to buy something for someone on their list while still getting something for themselves. Another exclusive you can offer instead of a sale includes adding free maintenance or extended warrantees rather than specific products.

Creating gift guides are also a wonderful idea since it reduces what’s known as the paradox of choice. The paradox is that when presented with too many options, customers become paralyzed and have a hard time making any choices at all leading potential lost revenue. Providing a gift guide allows you to pair choices down to a minimum– but why stop there?

With the interests and demographic information you’ve gathered, you can create multiple gift guides based on the popular interests of your actual customers. These can then be hyper-targeted to different segments, creating a more personalized experience that incentivizes a higher turnout.

The December Holidays Push and Beyond

Black Friday isn’t the only time to really ramp up your marketing as December becomes one of the busiest times for stores leading up to Christmas. You have a month of possible opportunities kicked off on Black Friday to engage your customers and create rock solid marketing through the end of the year holidays.

But always remember, marketing doesn’t stop during the holidays. The best marketing is a continuous journey with consistent customer touch points so as to keep your brand fixed in their minds. Remember, marketing is a marathon, not a sprint– but Black Friday can give you a fantastic boost off the starting blocks!

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