December 2019 Product Updates

This has been a big year for us as we expanded our operations in the Middle East and Europe throughout 2019. We also made some meaningful promotions and organizational changes including the creation of a product consulting team to build better products and features into our platform. Here are the updates from our December release:

Our Campaigns Have Become Smarter

As you build, clone, and run thousands of campaigns across different sites, chances are, you inevitably might mistype a sender name or overlook a missing unsubscribe link. Our email/SMS campaigns have become smarter and will now give you a warning for both incorrect sender names and missing unsubscribe links on the campaign pages. Including the ability to opt-out from your lists is not only a best practice, but a requirement for good sender reputation and high deliverability.


See What’s Working for Your Sites – New Site Comparison Page

Want to assess, compare, and benchmark the health of your sites? Our new site comparison report allows you to group or select individual sites and compare visits/dwell trends based on the time period. It acts as a single place of reference across your Flow sites for real-time and historical data. Large property managers can use the Comparison Report to evaluate and calibrate their corporate strategy. Moreover, the advanced comparison feature enables you to run reports with a reference time period, helping you uncover your underperforming sites.


Choose Your Heatmap Label Style

Each of your sites is unique in the way they were designed based on type, square footage, location, floors store-mix, and more meaning site maps generally vary to a great extent. When we add multiple metrics and show different types of colour gradients on these maps it becomes challenging to visualize the space labels. To solve this problem, we have added three label styles: white, black, and block for you to better understand the spaces on your maps.


Expanding Network with a New Global Data Center

With 4 billion data points collected this year, Aislelabs connects with thousands of sites to serve customers in 41 countries. The new global data center expands and extends the network to serve our growing customer base more locally. The increased computational capacity also brings improved performance and helps us to meet regulatory and data residency requirements of our enterprise customer base.


Analyze Your Custom Passenger Paths

Your custom passenger paths, such as layover or connecting flights, can now be analyzed using the path analysis report. It gives you the breakdown of your passenger journey by spaces. Custom paths are useful for auto-segmenting passengers by type, destination, or flight.


Other Features

  • Ability to add re-captcha to sign up web forms on CustomerHub.
  • Updates to the historical report API: improved error handling, added default URL parameters in the API response.
  • Added support for Chinese language on CustomerHub.
  • Instant capture volume alerts for your IT team if the site is experiencing any connectivity or infrastructure issues.
  • Improved verbiage for unique visitors on visit, historical, event, and weather report pages when multiple sites are selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Exporting event report in PDF format.
  • Domestic layover path on the path analysis page.
  • Single site selection on-site reports.
  • Multiple visit distribution on the historical report page.
  • Aggregating number of connect users from multiple sites.
  • Legend and colours on the path analysis page.
  • Editing rules on progressive profiling.

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