2019: A Year of Exceptional Growth

Aislelabs had a fantastic year of accelerated growth and recognition in 2019!

All of us here at Aislelabs have been hard at work crafting the best WiFi marketing and location analytics platform in the world. 2019 has marked a year of excellence and refinement to our product suite along with significant growth as a company! We even picked up a few awards along the way.

To detail all of this, we’ve put together a handy infographic detailing all of our accomplishments this past year which you can view below. We’ve also made it available in a downloadable PDF file if you prefer to view it that way. Just click here to download!

Supercharged Product Updates

2019 has been one of continuous growth. Through close collaboration with our customers, engineers, and account managers, we have charted 90+ new features and more than 500+ enhancements to both Flow and Connect platforms. We’ve also given the platform proverbial “racing stripes” through dashboard design upgrades, a standardized taxonomy across products, and refreshed graphics and icons. With our intensive biweekly sprint cycle and agile development, we expect to continue a fast-paced responsive product development in 2020.

Exponential Growth

At Aislelabs, we pride ourselves on consummate craftsmanship and the markets have recognized it in response. This year has seen our platforms deployed across over 27 countries with more than 100 new enterprise deployments, aimed at commoditizing marketing intelligence and reducing customer engagement friction. Our partnership with Cisco has grown stronger through the launch of three new apps on the Cisco DNA Spaces App Center, enabling seamless integration with existing Cisco infrastructure in minutes. In a similar vein, we have launched 10+ new enterprise global partnerships that close the infrastructure gap, offering our services across verticals and geographies. This continued, collaborative growth allowed us to launch two new verticals: education and transportation; two staid industries that now have the Aislelabs advantage in leveraging powerful customer insight.

Expansion of Operations

Accelerating our global footprint needs an investment in operations and we are happy to announce welcome new additions to the Aislelabs family! Armed with a brand new European headquarters in London, UK and the expansion of operations and team in Dubai, UAE, we are better equipped to serve our clients across time zones. With the recent hires in our Toronto, Canada headquarters, this doubles our team size from what it was in 2018 (fueled by 5x the investment in coffee)! Our rapid scaling wouldn’t have been possible without the addition of a powerful new data centre.

Recognition and Awards

Our exponential growth and continuous expansion in operations have not gone unnoticed. Not only were we featured on Forrester’s Location Intelligence Report but also managed to bag four awards in 2019! The Aruba Channel Award for Ecosystem Partner 2019 and Huawei’s Best OpenLab Solution Partner Award were both a great honor and a testament to the close partnerships that we maintain with our infrastructure providers. Not to be outdone, we also managed to pick up two awards in one night! Taking home the gold for Technology and Innovation and the Digital/Social award at the MECS+R MENA Retailer Awards held in Dubai, UAE.

Accelerating Client Success

To put some context to our achievements above, our tireless ticker informs us that we had collected over 4 TRILLION data points in 2019, equating to 77 BILLION data points a week or (to be pedantic) 126,839 data points a second! Enabling our clients to build 1.1 billion customer journeys and sending 100 million emails and 10 million SMS messages!

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