Aislelabs and Dallas Mavericks Premiere Use Case and Testimonial Video

We are pleased to announce a new use case and testimonial video we produced in partnership with NBA team Dallas Mavericks and the American Airlines Center!

Our product suites have been deployed at American Airlines Center enabling the Dallas Mavericks to engage with and understand their fan base through demographic and location based data. This new use case video shows the amazing power Aislelabs unleashes to gather actionable data on fans inside American Airlines Center by utilizing guest WiFi and location intelligence.

The video features testimonials from both David Herr, Chief Technology Officer of the Dallas Mavericks, and Doug Williams, Chief Technology Officer of American Airlines Center while also highlighting use cases the arena employs for the entire visitor journey of a fan.

Throughout the visitor’s stay, they can be directly marketed to during the game to buy merchandise using a smart coupon as an incentive. They can also be retargeted afterward to leave positive reviews that encourage new fans to visit. Afterward, marketing campaigns based on interests for upcoming events such as concerts can be executed persuading them to return.

These audience insights provided by Aislelabs allows the Dallas Mavericks to better understand, predict, and optimize the fans’ customer journeys throughout the stadium. It also allows the Mavs to create targeted, personalized marketing building a deeper relationship between the team and their fans.

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