January 2020 Product Updates

2020 is going to be a big year with some incredible product features lined up. Here are the updates from our January release:

Drive Opens and Clicks with Email Pre-headers

Email campaigns sent from Aislelabs are getting smarter. Email pre-headers, followed by a subject line, give you the opportunity to draw users to open, read, click, and engage with email campaigns. While running campaigns, you can now add custom pre-headers to provide a crisp summary of the email content. With mobile devices used to open half of all emails, limiting the number of characters in a subject line, headers are a powerful way to grab your users’ attention.

Set Your Custom Site Hours — Our Most Voted Feature

Each of your sites is unique based on store-type, business operations, location, and seasonality. Therefore, open and close times vary by day of the week and time of the year. Setting up custom hours allows you to measure and analyze visit behaviour in a more granular manner that suits your unique operations. For example, if your site is open late during boxing day, the custom hours would help you set that.

Add Unique Codes to Your Email Campaigns

Using unique codes in your email is a simple, yet powerful, way to run promotional campaigns.
With this feature, you can run email contests, discount campaigns, promo codes, rewards programs, and many others. Moreover, the campaigns with the code can be triggered when a new user signs up via a splash page or an existing user signs in. Codes can be numbers or barcodes.

Run On-Going Campaigns With Custom Marketing Attributes

Gathering the right marketing attributes and segmenting your users is a proven way to craft an effective personalized email campaign. We already support the creation of user lists with custom attributes which are used to help run personalized scheduled campaigns. This update goes further allowing you to trigger real-time campaigns based on any custom marketing attribute(s). The attributes are not limited to the data collected by our platform and can also include data from loyalty programs, POS systems, CRMs, and more.

Updates to the Site Comparison Report

In our last release, we announced a new site comparison page to help you analyze and monitor site performance. The report now supports even more granular filters such as visit behaviour based on spaces, areas, or categories for real-time data. The filters can be applied to a single site or to a group of sites. Also, the CSV exports and the different visit percentages now have standardized decimal places.

Other Features

  • Sometimes longer space names are difficult to read on charts. Top paths chart on the space rankings page now display space names on mouse hover.
  • SMS campaigns can now be run with a selective sender id when multiple sender ids are available in the organization.
  • Updated icons for campaign type on the email campaign pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Archiving and restoring user list on user lists page
  • Advanced email statistics on campaign analytics page
  • Displaying data in user timezone on all Connect pages

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