February 2020 Product Updates

It’s the second month of the year and the gears at Aislelabs have been cranking along nicely. We’ve got several significant updates to announce and a couple of conferences and we’ll be flying the Aislelabs banner high. Here are the updates for the February release:

New Unified Space Level API for Flow

Last November, we announced a unified Flow API which received an overwhelming adoption. Based on customer feedback, we have now released a new Space level API with which you can query your space, area or floor level data. In one single API endpoint, you can retrieve all your Flow metrics such as visits, dwell time, new/repeat, engaged/bounced, hour/day trends, and more. The API provides the option to query both real-time data and pre-computed data, giving access to large amounts of information fast.

Cross Site Visits API for Flow

Aislelabs enables clients with multiple properties to analyze unique footfall patterns across their sites and floors. Businesses can derive insight from not only the first order metrics of visits and dwell times across locations, but also cross visits of customers against benchmarks enabling analysis of customer loyalty and corporate strategy. The cross site visits API allows users to also analyze the cross-visits of users on pre-computed data for faster querying and load times.

Event Reports Providing Granular Comparative Insights

Derive granular insight on the visit behaviour of your customers during major events compared to a previous reference time period or the same event in past years. The enhanced event report allows you to explore the metrics during the event time as well as compare them to past periods or previous years in detail including new/repeat visitors, unique/total visits, and engaged/bounced visits. This feature allows our clients who host frequent events or run campaigns on a regular basis to benchmark their events and measure success.

Privacy Features to Disable Exporting of Personal Customer Data

Our commitment to privacy and our large enterprise client base with cross functional teams accessing our database means protecting sensitive data is of paramount importance to us. The Aislelabs UI will natively allow account administrators to restrict user permissions from downloading CSVs of customer data. Now, customer data is securely partitioned to only senior members through the use of Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Auto-play Branded Content on Splash Success Page

Showcase your marketing content, such as promotional videos or co-branded campaigns, to visiting customers immediately after they log in. Our splash pages now allows you auto-play branded content directly on the splash page with the added option to mute the video via a simple toggle on the editor.

Data Lake SQL Connector

We have launched the Data Lake SQL Connector to serve our enterprise clients enabling them to seamlessly import Aislelabs Flow data into their in-house data lakes. This will save our clients expensive data engineering costs that may require third-party programmers.

Amongst our enterprise clients, we found that there are various levels of data usage: the power user who uses our intuitive UI and a broader group of all stakeholders. The Data Lake SQL Connector now caters to all other stakeholders who otherwise interface with the in-house BI tool.

Read more about the Data Lake SQL Connector and using it with Tableau, PowerBI, and more.

Other Features

  • Authentication on the splash page is now 10x faster with the use of password or token based login.
  • Improved privacy control and password management on protected CSV downloads.

Bug Fixes

  • Number of active campaigns on the campaign report page.
  • Chart colours on historical report page.
  • Email preheaders for iPhone Mail app.
  • Updating load factors for airports.
  • Inconsistent count of connected visits and unique connected user devices on connected report.

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