How Restaurants Can Power Their CRM This St. Patrick’s Day

Every year, millions of people around the world come together on March 17th to have a good pint of beer at restaurants and bars during St. Patrick’s day. The Irish holiday is so popular that in the United States alone, consumers spent a record $5.9 billion in 2018. But what if you could take those raw numbers of customers visiting your food & beverage venue to amplify sales year round?

Offering free guest WiFi in exchange for contact, demographic, and psychographic information will go far to turn infrequent customers to returning guests. This list can also power your ability to attract new customers to your restaurant or bar. First, we’ll go over how guest WiFi works and then the strategies you can employ this St. Patrick’s day and beyond.

How Guest WiFi Works

  • Your customer enters the restaurant with a WiFi enabled device such as a mobile phone.
  • Your patron joins the guest WiFi and opts in by either providing their email address or connecting through their Facebook account.
  • You progressively build a powerful CRM of your customers, complete with contact information, demographics, and much more.
  • Automatically execute marketing campaigns involving those customers, utilizing demographics, store behavior, and many other attributes across all digital channels (social, email, digital display ads, surveys) and view insights.

With this information in tow, you can then launch a multitude of different campaigns.

Encouraging Online Reviews

Online reviews are transforming the food and beverage industry. Word-of-mouth from close friends and acquaintances has evolved into collective opinions and the wisdom of crowds. With the rise of aggregate review sites and online reviews, utilizing customer reviews has grown to become one of the most powerful tools for restaurants and bars. Research into the effects online reviews have reveals they’re almost as influential as word of mouth from friends and family. On the Aislelabs platform, you can automatically trigger an email after customers have left the venue, prompting them to share their experience. With so many visitors during St. Patrick’s day, you can use this to your advantage and boost your review rating across all popular review sites.

Smart Coupon Campaigns

Smart Coupons are easily created through the Aislelabs platform and they work directly with a customer’s phone. Once a visitor or customer signs onto the guest WiFi during the campaign period at an Aislelabs enabled site, they can be emailed or texted a personal link for a coupon. These links are non-transferable and unique to each customer.

This is a great way to incentivize sign-ups to the WiFi during St. Patrick’s day. You can also run Smart Coupon campaigns to your list whenever you like—including special events, such as a birthday, which will automatically email a smart coupon on a customer’s birthday.

Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers

With this many customers entering your establishment on St. Patrick’s, the real work has just begun to maintain and increase your repeat customers. A Harvard study found that if you can increase your repeat customers by just 5%, you can boost your profits anywhere from 25% to a whopping 95%! By directly marketing to your customers, you can encourage this repeat behaviour.

Nudging your customers to return periodically via a digital campaign can do wonders. Just placing your brand or logo in front of their eyes after they’ve left will go a long way to place your restaurant at the top of their choices in their next lunch, dinner, or social plans. Executing marketing campaigns via email or social media takes only a few clicks and uniquely positions your brand at the center of your customers’ attention.

The Aislelabs platform gives you complete information on who your customers are, their contact information, and how frequently they visit. It’s simple to select the group of customers you wish to target, such as first-time customers who haven’t visited in the last four weeks, and re-target them with your campaigns. You can combine this with a Smart Coupon campaign to add a stronger incentive to return.

There are so many different ways Aislelabs can help a restaurant group or franchise see green this St. Patrick’s day. To learn more, we have a collection of use cases and ebooks free for download here for food and beverage businesses. Sláinte!

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