March 2020 Product Updates

As we continue to grapple with the global pandemic, our hearts go out to all those affected and fighting the good fight on the frontlines. We’ve made a resource hub available listing the measures shopping centres are taking to fight COVID-19. On our front, we’re committed to maintaining business continuity during these trying times and providing you with the usual exceptional service. Here are the product updates that we have worked on in the past month.

Single Sign-On (SSO) to Connect to the WiFi Using Your IdP

SSO solutions connect one identity across your organization, eliminating the need of multiple identities. The splash page now features a Single Sign-On capability, allowing your employees and customers to seamlessly authenticate before being granted access to the internet. Aislelabs supports a number of IdP providers available to you as a part of enterprise access modules.

Ruckus Pre-Engine API Support

Aislelabs proprietary location engine for Flow can now ingest additional data points from Ruckus APs, providing further options for higher location accuracy, customized calibration, re-processing of raw data, and detailed insights. This means that our customers using Ruckus APs can use the advanced accuracy-boosting capabilities of the Aislelabs’ location engine for even more accurate reporting.

Preview Release of Entrance Reporting for Shopping Centres

Our #1 most voted feature: Entrance reporting for shopping centres gives you the ability to view a list of most visited entrances in a shopping centre environment, customized to meet the needs of malls. This feature is available in preview mode and will be rolled out to all customers in coming months.

30x Faster Airport Visit Report

A new version of the airport report with a significant performance improvement—up to 30x faster! You get all your Flow metrics such as visits, dwell time, new/repeat, engaged/bounced, and hour/day trends at both the site and space level, giving you access to large amounts of historical data fast.

More Granular Flow Site Comparison Report

Our third consecutive update to the newly redesigned site comparison report! The report now supports even more granular visits and dwell options such as daily, weekly, and monthly for both selected and referenced time periods. Improved granularity on charts and CSV exports will help you to analyze the trends better.

Other Enhancements

  • 2x faster logins on the splash page while using username and password.
  • Option to auto-mute and autoplay videos on the splash success page.
  • Auto-populate fields on the user invite form while inviting a new user to join Aislelabs.

Bug Fixes

  • Space visits chart colour on the historical report page.
  • Labels and date on the daily trends chart on the connections page.
  • Loading smart review campaigns and survey results.
  • Intermittent error on the user profile page.
  • Email preheader while updating older campaigns.
  • Invalid date selected error message on the site comparison report page.
  • SMS birthday campaigns for non-leap years.
  • Displaying email sent time in the user timezone for email campaigns.
  • Selecting a large number of sites on visit on Firefox browser.

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