April 2020 Product Updates

First and foremost, we would like to thank all the women and men on the front-lines of COVID-19 across the globe. We have been staying safe and productive indoors to stop the spread while continuing to update our product and resource hubs for Airports, Shopping Centres, Retail, and Food & Beverage.

Ensuring Social Distancing using Technology

As social distancing will be part of our daily lives for some time to come, we have released two brand-new modules that use technology to help in this effort. Property managers, mall operators, and store managers can deploy these easy to measure, real-time occupancy counters and ensure safe number of visitors inside their stores and sites. You can read more at:


Designate A Reply-To Email for All Your Email Campaigns

Aislelabs sends millions of emails weekly on behalf of our clients and delivers them into their visitors’ email inbox. With this latest enhancement, a direct line of communication is opened up with your visitors allowing you to capture and easily respond to their questions and concerns. Usually these addresses are sent from unmonitored email addresses. With this update, you can now specify a custom reply-to address for your campaigns and any reply will be directed to this address. This allows recipients to reply to the email and get in touch with your support or sales teams easily.


Easily Group Your Email Campaign With Categories

With Aislelabs’ clients running hundreds of email campaigns, we realized it was getting difficult to search through all previous campaigns. Keeping this in mind, we have added campaign categories which allows you to organize each campaign for quick identification and to generate aggregated analytics. Each campaign can be associated with unlimited custom categories providing you with endless ways to segment your campaigns.


USA ZIP Codes and UK Postal Codes can now be Visualized on Heatmaps

Aislelabs Connect allows you to collect data on ZIP and postal codes of where your visitors live. This allows you to understand where your visitors come from, how far they travel to get your site or even understand their socio-economic profile based on census data. With this update, we can now display data on a visually appealing national map. Each postal code and ZIP code area is marked and coloured based on density. In addition to Canada, now we fully support the USA ZIP and UK postal codes.


Enhanced Cross Site Visits API For Flow

In the month of February, we released cross site visits API which enables clients with multiple sites to analyze unique footfall patterns across their sites. As an enhancement to this feature, we included dwell-time of cross-visits to the API. This helps in understanding the duration of time spent by common visits that are detected across multiple sites.


New Connect APIs Added To Our API Suite

Aislelabs stands by our commitment that all data collected by our software belongs to our clients and will never be shared or resold. By adding these APIs, more of your data can be easily retrieved from our UI into the platform of your choice. We have created dedicated APIs for most Connect Marketing data including your Email Campaigns, Smart Coupons, Smart Reviews, and SMS Logs with the rest to follow. API access and documentation can be provided by your Customer Success Manager.


Intelligent Auto Detection for Unicode SMS Messages

When you draft up long SMS messages to your friends, you may notice that after a certain number of characters your phone automatically splits your message into multiple SMS segments. The character limit is dependent on whether your message contains only English characters (ASCII) or special characters mostly found in non-English languages (Unicode). This logic has been implemented into the Aislelabs SMS sender to allow for longer ASCII only SMS messages resulting in less messages sent and lowering your costs.


Additional Analytics and Tables Added to the Impact Report Page

Since the launch of our Impact Analysis page last year, we have been adding more relevant metrics to better understand the impact of certain events over a selected time period. In this past month, we have added popular analytics and tables which can be found on our other pages like heatmaps, comparison tables, and space visits. These additions make the Impact Analysis page more comprehensive allowing you to truly contrast the differences between your selected data sets.


Other Enhancements

  • Additional options to specify load factors for flights by sector, airline, and type for Flow for Airports.
  • Updated user friendly error messages to the Airport visit report and Site visit report filters.
  • Added export options to charts on Airport visit report and Site visit report pages.
  • Added the ability to apply RADIUS attributes to Twitter, Sina Weibo, and ADFS login options.
  • Created logs to track any modifications to the Edit Site page.


Bug Fixes

  • Footfall page API abort issues when changing filters.
  • Sensor status page not loading properly.
  • Space selection error when removing a selected space from the filters.
  • Fixed the issue which occurs when saving a site with Maximum Timeout Limit enabled.

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